Things You Don't Know About Brad Pitt's Relationship With His Kids

Angelina Jolie's announcement that she was divorcing Brad Pitt shocked the world in September 2016, but the hits kept right on coming when Jolie filed for sole physical custody of their six kids amid child abuse allegations targeting Pitt.

Pitt has vehemently denied claims that he'd been a bad father. A source close to the Allied actor told TMZ, "[Pitt is taking] the matter very seriously and says he did not commit any abuse of his children. It's unfortunate that people involved are continuing to present him in the worst possible light." As for custody: a source close to Pitt told TMZ that he'd fight for joint custody.

Sources told TMZ that Pitt believes Jolie is the one who's endangered their kids by turning their divorce into a media circus. "Pitt says there's now a bounty on the heads of the entire family, because they've now become a prime target for the gaggle of paparazzi," the tab reported.

You have the background—now let's dig into the things you didn't know about Pitt's relationship with his children.

Pitt has allegedly not seen his kids since divorce news broke

Sources told Us Weekly that as of Sept. 24, 2016, Pitt had not seen any of his six children since Jolie filed for divorce on Sept. 15, 2016. An insider told the magazine, "[Pitt] knows the severity of the allegations and wants to be cleared of abuse before he sees [the kids]. He is confident he will be cleared. The kids are asking to see Brad, so he is hoping to see them next week."

Despite Jolie's claims that Pitt was a "danger" to their children, sources told the magazine Pitt is distraught and misses his children desperately. "He's so torn up and shattered," a source said, "not only because of the divorce but because he hasn't seen the kids and he really wants to. Being apart from them is part of why he's so torn up." According to Us Weekly, Pitt is "beside himself," and has been crying since the divorce news broke.

Pitt's ex is shocked by the allegations

Voice actress Elizabeth Daily, who dated Pitt in the '80s, told Radar Online that the allegations against her ex are ridiculous. "He loves those kids so I don't really believe any of that stuff," she said. "When he was with Jennifer Aniston, I knew something was going to happen. He always wanted children, eventually it didn't work for that reason. Brad got what he wanted with Angie, which was a partner and someone to raise children with."

Daily thinks the child abuse allegations were a knee-jerk reaction to an already-emotional situation. "It's sad when people get negative and that's not fair to your children," she said. "Usually people do that in the beginning of divorce. You go through a period when you're afraid, there is a threat that you're going to lose your children. It gets ugly."

Regarding Jolie's custody request, Daily said, "I don't know why she would do that. I think to ask for full custody is a big thing to ask for. You don't want to take your kids away from your dad unless there is a serious problem or he's going through something like abusing himself in some way. You don't take your kids away."

Pitt wanted to have even more kids

In a 2015 interview with The Telegraph, Pitt revealed that he wanted even more kids, saying it was his "dream" to have a big family. "Listen, [Jolie] and I were aiming for a dozen, but we crapped out after six," he said, laughing. "I never knew how much I could love something until I looked in the faces of my children," he said. "You know, nowadays I really can't wait to get home. More than at any time in my life, I've got purpose–real purpose. It feels like I've found my place."

Pitt was the disciplinarian in the family

Pitt has made no bones about the fact that he's the one in charge of keeping the kids in line, especially the boys. "I am [a disciplinarian] with the boys," he told The Telegraph. "Girls do no wrong so I don't have to be [with them]. I feel like my job is to show 'em around, help them find what they want to do with their life, put as many things in front of them, and pull them back when they get out of line, so they know who they are."

In a 2011 interview, Pitt talked with People about making mistakes as a parent. "[It's] not [like I'm] a horrible parent, but I've certainly made mistakes and had to make up for it," he said. "I'm painfully aware that my actions leave a double mark on them in these formidable years, so I make sure I don't bring my crap at home."

In the past, Jolie has also considered Pitt the enforcer, though she didn't seem to consider that a negative trait in 2014 when she told the Mirror, "Brad is a wonderful teacher and guide, for the boys in particular. He likes to plan things and proceed in a very deliberate and methodical way." She continued, "He is much cooler and calmer...I can be more impulsive and outspoken," adding, "It's very reassuring to know there is this very solid and generous man in your life."

He made his entire life about his children

"I feel like the richest man alive since I've become a father," Pitt told Psychologies (via ABC News) in 2014. "I worry about them all the time. That's the emotional bond and responsibility that sweeps over you when you have a family to look after. You see past yourself and become more generous and giving, and wanting only the best for your family."

"I care about them more than I care about myself, which I think is the real definition of love," he said. "I see my children as an essential part of my life, and it means so much to be able to educate them and help them make their way in the world as they grow up."

Jolie has also sung Pitt's praises in the past. "Brad is always encouraging me and willing to assume a lot of the parental duties," she told the Mirror in 2014. "He loves being a father and that's one thing I'm most proud of about him." She waxed on, "[Pitt] is a very hands-on father and he loves to make breakfast and drive them to school in the mornings. If I need to work on something I know that he will always be ready to take over."

He's very hands-on with his sons

During the filming of Pitt and Jolie's 2015 film By the Sea, eldest son Maddox was on set—and in a working capacity, too!

"We [wanted] to make it a family affair, and have the kids running in and out of set," Pitt told ET Online. "And of course there's a few scenes where we had to make him work the parking lot," he laughed. "It's fun to see your boy grow up and take on responsibility. [It's] very nice."

According to DuJour, Maddox was assigned production assistant duties on the film, and that wasn't the only time the children were involved with Pitt and his career endeavors. In 2014, Pitt told ABC News (via Us Weekly) that he took his then 5-year-old son Knox to the set of Fury (2014). "...he has no concept of war or the tank, but he fell in love with it immediately," Pitt said. "And I don't know exactly how to define that love man has with machine, but my son, my oldest son [Maddox], he could tell you any tank, any bomber...So I got a brief tutorial from him when we started." According to Access Hollywood, Maddox and Pitt also share a bond over World War II history.

Pitt has been vocal about family life changing his habits

Pitt told Esquire magazine in 2013 that his family—Jolie and their brood—changed his life for the better. "For a long time I thought I did too much damage—drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter...I spent years f**king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity," he explained. "It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany—a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what's the point?"

The impending divorce is now threatening Pitt's raison d'etre. Time will tell how this family weathers the storm.