How Armando's Parents Reacted To His Engagement On 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way returned to TLC in October 2020 after a mid-season hiatus, and there was tons of drama for viewers to catch up on. Armando Rubio, who only recently came out to his family, brought fiancé Kenneth Niedermeier to Mexico to pick up his young daughter, Hannah, who was staying with Armando's parents while the couple set up their new home in La Misión, Mexico. It was also the first time that Armando's large family would meet Kenneth and hear about the engagement.

The couple was nervous as they drove to the family home, and Kenneth was concerned that Armando's family was only learning of the engagement that day. "It is a way of still hiding me, still keeping secrets," Kenneth said in a confessional. "Everything's out, the whole basis of why he moved is out. Just let it all out." Earlier in the season, Kenneth moved to Mexico from Florida to be with Armando. As he's newly "out" as gay to his parents, Armando has been more hesitant to open up about their relationship.

Armando did let it all out on that trip, and his family offered very unsettling reactions to the 90 Day Fiancé engagement.

Armando's parents were shocked by his engagement

On 90 Day FiancéThe Other Way, Armando's mother, Virginia, and daughter, Hannah, were accepting of Kenneth when they met at first. Hannah greeted Kenneth with a warm hug. Virginia was also kind to her future son-in-law. Meanwhile, it took a great sum of convincing to get Armando's father, Armando Sr., out the door. Once he did join the group, he quickly shook Kenneth's hand and gave his son a kiss on the cheek. Then, he asked if he could go back inside, per Entertainment Tonight.

Things changed for the worse when Armando announced that he and Kenneth were planning to tie the knot. Upon the announcement, for which Armando's father was absent, silence fell upon the family and Virginia stared at the ground. "I can tell that she's embarrassed, that she's hurt by this announcement," Kenneth told cameras. "And it's sad and I'm sad for Armando that his mom took it as something horrible and not something beautiful."

Armando's mom confessed to cameras that she wished the family would have been warned, and that her husband would be shocked. In reaction to his father's short visit, Armando told cameras he wishes there was more interaction with his dad. "I wish he would have given Kenny more of a chance to introduce himself and for him to see for himself the person Kenny is. But, I know my dad ... All I can do is be patient and wait for that whenever he's ready."