The One Person Trump Thinks Is More Famous Than Him

President Donald Trump is not known for being humble, but he did make a "modest" concession at a Greenville, N.C. rally in October 2020. As Trump was addressing his supporters, TMZ reported that he spoke about his fame. He said someone recently told him he was the most famous person in the world "by far." The 45th President of the United States made a point to share his seemingly self-effacing response: he is not the most famous person in the world because that title belongs to Jesus Christ. Yes, Trump has bestowed the honor upon the Christian messiah himself.

This is not the first time a celebrity has been compared to Jesus, however. John Lennon took the opposite approach of Trump, and boldly declared that his band, The Beatles, were more famous than Jesus. He got major backlash for that, of course, and it looks like Trump took a note from that playbook. Trump proudly let Jesus take the highest pedestal, while he soaked up approval from the crowd. "I'm not taking any chances ... I'm not having any arguments — Jesus Christ!" he declared. Yet, while he had crowds smiling in North Carolina, Trump, a devoted Christian, has not always pleased the public when it comes to his interactions with the son of God.

President Trump was criticized for a 2020 Bible photo

President Donald Trump was subject to harsh criticism at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement while the United States was still in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. As civil rights protestors occupied the space outside the White House in Washington, D.C. they were hit by flash-bang explosions and teargas by police officers and the National Guard (per the New York Times). Trump then strolled across Lafayette Square with security guards to pay respects to St. John's Church, which briefly caught fire a few days prior, as the protesters scattered. He stood in front of the "The Church of the Presidents" — every president since James Madison has attended St. John's — raised a Bible in the air, and took some photos.

People were infuriated by this "photo op" and how the protestors were treated. "Religion should not be used as a political tool," a woman complained on Twitter. "The bible should not be used as a prop." Another Twitter user added, "What was the purpose of this posing with a bible? Did this send a message to someone?" Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, who oversees St. John's Episcopal Church, said Trump did not send a message at all. "If he had come to offer words of solace and healing and resolve, to bind the wounds of our nation, that would have been an appropriate use of the sacred symbol of walking across the park to the church," she told MSNBC.

Donald Trump might not beat Jesus, but he loves being famous

Although President Donald Trump has made it clear no one can be as famous as Jesus Christ, he has not been shy about his love for fame and fortune, and the power it brings. In a leaked 2005 recording (via NBC) between Trump and Billy Bush, who hosted Access Hollywood at the time, Trump can be heard talking about kissing attractive women. "And when you're a star ... You can do anything," he gloated.

Trump is undoubtedly one of the most followed people in America, and even though he is a celebrity, that does not mean it has been smooth sailing for him in Tinseltown, especially amongst his celebrity peers. In reference to his above remarks, Zendaya tweeted, "I am disgusted...not surprised...but disgusted." Salma Hayek protested by posting a photo of a Trump piñata to her Instagram, saying it was "the most popular in the market."

Trump has accepted the fact that he is not well-liked by his Hollywood cohorts, and has even fired back shots. When Taylor Swift broke her political silence during the congressional midterm elections in 2018 and endorsed Democratic candidates for office, Trump told reporters (via Reuters), "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25 percent less now, OK?" Despite being less famous than Jesus, Trump certainly knows how to remain the talk of the town.