Inside Jessa Duggar's Rocky Relationship With Her Sisters-In-Law

The Duggar family's way of life is... extreme, to say the least. So it's only natural that the Christian family members would have drama, so to speak, with people who don't agree with their views. (Just look at Derick Dillard's transphobic tweets from 2017.) But what happens when the people who disagree with you are your sisters-in-law?

Based on some diligent fan research, that appears to be the case for Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) and her husband's two sisters. As YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball pointed out, Jessa reportedly unfollowed Ben Seewald's sisters Jessica (Seewald) Lester and Michelle (Seewald) Barger on Instagram, though she's currently following both of them at the time of reporting.

So, what caused the reported rift between Jessa and Jessica? Fans believe it has to do with Jessica's wedding dress and Jessa's opinions on modesty. Here's what to know about the supposed dress feud and why Jessa and her sisters-in-law may not be the best of friends.

Jessa and Jessica's conflict dates back to Jessica's wedding

As CafeMom explained, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and Jessica (Seewald) Lester's strained relationship dates back to Jessica's wedding dress. Jessa went with her sister-in-law as she tried on dresses, but she thought that some of Jessica's choices were too revealing. In the Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta Season 11 episode where she found her wedding gown, Jessica told Bridals by Lori manager Robin Gibbs that she was looking for a "sexier" dress, and Jessa wasn't the only one surprised by the bride's statement. Jessica's mother-in-law, Angela Lester, said she would speak up if there was "too much cleavage showing."

"I think we may have some slightly different convictions as far as what women should wear and what they shouldn't wear," Jessica told the reality show's cameras of her husband's family. That's putting it lightly, to say the least. After seeing one dress Jessica tried on, Jessa said the neckline was "belly-button low," and Angela said it was too low-cut, too. Still, Jessa tried to be supportive of Jessica's final choice, saying that the "most important thing" was that the bride loves her wedding dress.

Still, fans couldn't help noticing that while Jill (Duggar) Dillard left positive comments on all three of the wedding photos that Jessica posted on Instagram, Jessa didn't comment on any of them. That's not a sure sign of conflict, but it hints that there could've been tension between the sisters-in-law.

Jessa didn't comment on her sisters-in-law's wedding Instagram posts

In addition to not commenting on Jessica (Seewald) Lester's wedding dress Instagram posts, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald didn't comment on Michelle (Seewald) Barger's actual wedding photos either. Elijah and Michelle Barger got married on Oct. 10, 2020. And while Michelle's wedding Instagram post got plenty of comments and likes, including one from Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, Jessa didn't comment on that post. (Her sister, meanwhile, was super supportive, with Jinger writing, "Stunning, Congratulations!!")

Jessa did like Michelle's Instagram post, though she didn't like Jessica's three Instagram posts about her wedding. And as Without a Crystal Ball pointed out on YouTube, Ben Seewald also didn't comment on Michelle's Instagram post.

Of course, not commenting on someone's Instagram post doesn't mean that there's a feud. But Jessa and Jessica's Say Yes to the Dress disagreement, along with her reported unfollowing and refollowing of Jessica and Michelle's Instagram accounts, hints that the sisters-in-laws aren't super close at the moment.