Even Chris Harrison Cringed At The Bachelorette's Naked Dodgeball Date

During Week Two of Clare Crawley's journey on The Bachelorette, she and the men embarked upon a dodgeball group date. At first, it seemed like the standard early-season date. The winning team gets to spend more time with the lead at a post-competition cocktail party, while the losing team sulks about how bummed they are to miss out on the quality time. That happened this time, too, but there was a controversial twist: nudity. Clare decided to turn the date into "strip dodgeball," which was incredibly uncomfortable for everyone involved. 

First of all, they filmed the date at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. in the middle of the summer, so it had to be super hot and sweaty. Secondly, jumping, dodging, and diving sans clothes was far from practical. Then, of course, the losing team had to take a "walk of shame" home — naked. Other members of the cast were simply confused by the nudity of it all, specifically Yosef Aborady, who said he saw "a couple red flags" in response to the nudity.

The viewers at home couldn't help commenting on the cringe-inducing strip date via Twitter. Even Bachelorette host Chris Harrison admitted that the whole situation was so awkward. In addition to watching the episode, he was also there to witness the whole thing in the flesh (pun intended).

Chris Harrison agrees that naked dodgeball was 'extremely awkward'

In response to the naked dodgeball date, one viewer named Amanda tweeted, "*update* extremely awkward to watch strip dodgeball with your Mom. Thanks a lot @chrisbharrison." Sure, Amanda had to endure some familial awkwardness, but at least she got a shoutout from the one and only Chris Harrison, who responded to her tweet, asking, "How do you think it was for me Amanda?" Apparently, Chris is one of us, after all.

When another fan posted a screenshot of Chris covering his eyes during the dodgeball match, he said, "That about sums up my night." He's not the only one who felt that way. One viewer pointed out the hypocrisy in the game, tweeting, "Clare: 'Coming on here for my looks only?? How dare you?' Also Clare: Boys! Get naked and play dodgeball!"

"They have to walk home naked...good lord imagine if these made the women do this..." one fan tweeted. Another person said "i'm sorry no, this was so cringe, no reason to strip people naked to see if they 'got it in them' ???" One Bachelorette viewer wondered, "This is SO awkward like how is making these men get naked okay." She wasn't the only fan who felt this way. 

If Chris Harrison agrees that it was "extremely awkward" for men to strip mid-dodgeball and the fans weren't feeling it, either, it seems safe to say that this wasn't the best idea the franchise ever had.