Joe Biden Raised Eyebrows With This One Debate Move

While the second and final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden didn't have as many fiery moments as the first debate did, there were definitely some instances that raised more than a few eyebrows. Sadly, unlike the scene-stealing fly appearance at vice presidential debate, there was no such moment of amusement.

The final debate did have two things going for it that made it more watchable than the last. First, you could hear what both of the candidates said, as neither shouted over the other. In part, this was due to the use of the debate's "mute button." Secondly, moderator Kristen Welker's wrangling of Trump and Biden kept things moving along. Plus, she asked some decent follow-up questions.

Even though this debate was much more civilized than the first, it did seem to drag a bit. Political commentator and comedian Bill Maher tweeted, "This debate needs a fly, quickly." Indeed, the debate was slow-moving. Even Joe Biden seemed to be wondering when the event was going to end. Keep reading to find out what Biden did that concerned certain debate watchers.

The reaction to Joe Biden and Watchgate

When moderator Kristen Welker of NBC told the candidates, "we're running out of time," Biden took a long look at his wristwatch to confirm that only about 10 minutes remained in the debate. Well, Republicans on Twitter had a field day with the gesture. Republican Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar wondered, "Why did Joe Biden just check his watch?" Another social media user felt the gesture had dire implications: "Joe Biden just stared at his watch during the debate. He's done."

Yet another debate viewer tweeted, "His watch is a mini teleprompter," implying that Biden needed notes or a script to help him get across his message. The former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, commented, "Joe Biden just looked at his watch – for a long stare. He's tired." To Biden's credit, it's safe to say that most viewers were also probably pretty tired by that point in the debate. 

Oddly enough, this wasn't the first time that a "watchgate" happened during a presidential debate. During the 1992 town hall debate between Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George H.W. Bush, while Clinton answered a question from an audience member, Bush checked his watch, according to US News & World Report. Bush later told Jim Lehrer of the PBS Newshour, "Was I glad when the damn thing was over? Yeah." That is most likely how Joe Biden is feeling at this moment.