Why Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Doesn't Live With Her Husband

Rachel Lindsay doesn't have a traditional marriage, and she's okay with that. The Bachelor Nation alum and husband Bryan Abasolo opened up about their bi-coastal arrangement on Bryan's Dr. Abs Healthcast podcast in October 2020. "We know where we're going, we know where we're headed, and we know what we're trying to build as Abasolos," Rachel said. 

She noted that while some may question the long-distance relationship — she resides in Los Angeles, while her husband has a place in Miami — it is the best option for a strong future together. "I'm putting my family first. Part of that is putting us in a position to succeed and put our family in the best position."

Plus, the couple got plenty of one-on-one time together amid the coronavirus pandemic and have no concerns about some time apart. "The foundation of our relationship is friends, and I think that having this time in quarantine was beautiful for us because we really got to connect again and spend every day together," Rachel told People in September 2020. 

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Rachel Lindsay and her husband are working on their careers

Rachel Lindsay and husband Bryan Abasolo are working on their careers with the hope that they will settle down together in the future. These days, Rachel is a correspondent for Extra in Los Angeles, while Bryan has a chiropractor business in Miami, per People.

According to E! News, while on The Bachelorette, Rachel was vocal about not choosing her career over her husband, which is why her living situation post-Bachelorette may seem odd. That being said, Rachel holds firm that she is doing the opposite by taking parameters to ensure a successful foundation for her and Bryan's life together. 

"I didn't move to L.A. because I just love the city," Rachel told her husband on his Dr. Abs Healthcast podcast. "You're focusing on your practice and building it to a place you want it to be, and I am here in L.A. working for Extra and doing other things, and we're doing this to eventually bring ourselves together." During the podcast episode, Bryan noted that he wanted to let Rachel "do [her] thing" in Los Angeles, where she has many work opportunities. "I want you to be as successful as possible," he said. "You're killing it right now, and I love it."

While Rachel said they have a timeline, she did not share specifics about when they may reunite under one roof. However, she did say the conversations are happening. "We've definitely grown close together because we're planning a future," she told People. "We're starting to have those conversations about where do we plant roots and having children and what's the timeline for that."