Why Lisa Rinna Regrets Getting Her Lip Fillers

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is well known for her panty party dance videos and how serious she takes her husband Harry Hamlin. But her most popular asset is probably her signature pout. The soap opera actress was one of the first Hollywood stars to start plumping up her mouth with lip fillers. In 2010, Rinna regrettably admitted to People that she underwent permanent silicone lip injections to her top lip at age 23 after seeing Barbara Hershey's plumpy pout in the 1988 film Beaches

However, over time, Rinna grew to hate the decision after seeing the side effects the injections had on her lips. "I was crazy to even touch them in the first place," the Bold and the Beautiful star told People. "In the beginning, it was great," she recalled. But, 10 years after getting the cosmetic enhancement done, Rinna realized the silicone started to create scar tissue that was "hard and bumpy, like peas." If that doesn't sound gross enough, the mother of two tried to relieve the swelling by getting cortisone shots, but it only "made them look worse," she claimed before revealing how her lips turned her into a laughing stock. "I'd get photographed, my lips would look a certain way and then people would start to talk," Rinna added. That's when Rinna decided to do something to correct her situation.

Harry Hamlin loved Lisa Rinna's lip reduction surgery

For some time, Lisa Rinna admitted how hopeless she was about repairing her pout. But, after linking up with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, the Real Housewife found hope with his lip reduction procedure. "I was dumbfounded," Rinna told People in October 2010. "Then I started to get really excited." 

Fisher successfully reshaped her upper lip by removing some of the damaged tissue and reconstructing what was left over. "You can see my teeth when I smile now, which you couldn't do for a while," she admitted at the time. "I've been smiling these big smiles!" she added. After being told it would take around six months for the swelling to go down, Rinna quickly noticed that there was already "a huge difference. My lip is back to being smooth!"

And, while Rinna might not want people to talk about her husband — we know she doesn't play about that — Harry Hamlin told People how happy he was with the surgery results. "Whatever change took place was so gradual, it never registered for me," Hamlin shared. However, he went on to clarify that the reason he never noticed was because Rinna's lips always "felt soft and supple." It looks like Fisher restored both Rinna's lips and her confidence!