What Dylan And Cole Sprouse Were Really Like In College

Dylan and Cole Sprouse grew up together and grew up in the spotlight. The twins played brothers on screen as well, appearing as the titular roles in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and the follow-up series, The Suite Life On Deck, on Disney Channel between the ages of 13 and 19. Eventually, the twins aged out of Disney, and it was time for them to go to college.

The twin actors told Teen Vogue that originally they had wanted to go to separate schools, but eventually, they both decided to get out of Southern California and enroll at New York University. Asked why they chose that school, Cole told the magazine in 2015, "their arts program was great and they're a prestigious institution, but really because you're in a city... You didn't feel trapped within a campus or in a bubble."

Even though the brothers attended NYU together, their paths diverged quite a bit once they got to the East Coast. They studied completely different things, and neither one is what you might expect.

Neither Dylan nor Cole Sprouse studied acting

In 2015, Dylan Sprouse told Teen Vogue that when he got to college, "The one thing I knew for sure about myself is I didn't want to study acting." While he acknowledged that you can always learn more about something, he explained, "It was something we had done and something that we don't really need to train all that much more for." Dylan ended up choosing to study video game design.

Cole also went in a very different direction than acting, originally studying photography. He launched a website to showcase his photos, but eventually changed his major, writing on the site, "Understanding how to work a camera, being able to take well constructed shots, while simultaneously being able to make them pleasant, is important for EVERYONE. Now that I understand these things, I've decided not to spend anymore of my courses dedicated to it." Cole went on to major in archeology.

The Sprouse twins graduated in 2015, and Cole shared on Twitter that they both graduated with honors. Even by the time they graduated, they still participated in the high jinks we could expect to see from Zack and Cody. At their commencement, they received each other's diploma, one of the things twins can get away with. Dylan told Teen Vogue, "If you look up my graduating photo you'll see. We just decided, you know, there's no reason not to. No one's going to notice."