The Truth Of Alex Robinson And Ceaser Emanuel's Infamous Fight

Whether you're in quarantine, looking for a mindless weekend plan, or binge-watching television on a Friday night, Black Ink Crew is a favorite for many — and it's not hard to see why. The show of tattoo artists and others in the body art industry is jam-packed with family and relationship drama, heated arguments between friends, and many questionable decisions. Throughout the eight seasons, we've followed tattoo parlor owner Ceaser Emanuel fall in and out of love, grow as a father, and get himself into some serious trouble along the way. 

That's right: both Ceaser and his best friend, Sky Days, have had their fair share of mishaps and lawsuits. From being sued over a rental property for sexcapades, as per Atlanta Black Star, to more serious physical altercations, the duo hasn't steered clear of the law these past few years. While some have been behind the scenes and not widely broadcasted to an audience, others, like Ceaser's fight with Alex Robinson, have been a popcorn-cruncher for fans. 

Alex Robinson filed a lawsuit for permanent disability

In August 2019, TMZ revealed that Alex Robinson was suing co-star Ceaser Emanuel after a physical fight that was caught on camera in 2018. Indeed, after Ceaser and his cousin, Teddy Ruks, jumped Alex — apparently due to the former employee's mere presence at a wedding, according to Atlanta Black Star — Alex, who filed for battery, claims the fistfight landed him "with permanent pain and disability," prompting him to ask for over $1 million in damages, according to TMZ. Alex was rushed to the hospital where he was discovered to have "suffered significant tendon and ligament damage to his back," as per TMZ.

Alex was first on the fence about going to court over the dispute, saying, "I come from the streets, and I don't usually have the law helping me with my problems ... but making sure [his son] Cam has everything he needs trumps everything," he added. 

Eventually, his girlfriend (now fiancée) Donna Lombardi pushed him toward the decision. "They need to suffer like how you suffered," she said, calling it her "mission" to get payback. "Since he wants to take money out of your pocket, let's take money out of his pocket."

Ceaser Emanuel ended up apologizing to Alex Robinson

Fans think Alex Robinson may have succeeded in fulfilling Donna Lombardi's mission. When the star shared photos on Instagram in May 2020 showing he was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, fans immediately speculated that the money could have come from the lawsuit. One fan asked, "That payout was good, huh?" and another said "that's Ceas money make his a** pay" (via Atlanta Black Star)

As for Ceaser Emanuel, the tattoo shop owner didn't believe Alex was as seriously injured as her claimed, and even hired a private investigator to confirm Alex's claims. Eventually, the investigator "told me Alex ain't even f***ing faking it," Ceaser admitted to Sky Days. "...He can't pick his son up. He can't tattoo." Ceaser confessed that he feels ashamed for doubting someone who'd looked up to him. "I did something that could possibly ruin this kid's life."

The regret eventually led Ceaser to apologize in front of a crowd on-camera, calling his actions "absolutely some bull****" and ending with the two back on good terms. "Look, at the end of the day, all I wanted was a sincere apology from somebody that I looked at as as a mentor. Money isn't everything," Alex said. "If this man is wiling to apologize, I'm willing to accept his apology." Although we're sure the $1 million didn't hurt, something even Alex admitted helped pay the bills and take care of his son since he can no longer tattoo.