Why 90 Day Fiance's Anfisa Nava And Leo Assaf Called It Quits

90 Day Fiance is certainly binge — or should we say cringe? — worthy. Its bizarre relationships and drama make for great reality TV, and the best part? The relationships aren't scripted. In fact, many of the relationships shown on the series end in shambles, including the famed toxic pairing of https://www.nickiswift.com/237284/the-truth-about-90-day-fiance-star-jorge-navas-new-girlfriend/ and Jorge Nava. Jorge, who is an American citizen and fell for Russian model Anfisa, was released from prison in May 2020 after 27 months after being convicted on felony charges related to marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession (per People). 

But even before Jorge did is time, he and Anfisa, his then-wife, weren't on the best of terms. From keying Jorge's car to unlimited access to his phone, Anfisa was criticized for being a gold-digger (although Jorge knew she was interested in his wealth before he brought her to the U.S.) and for making it difficult for him to provide the luxe lifestyle she expected. While Jorge served his sentence, Anfisa rebranded as a fitness guru and even got herself a new bae in Leo Assaf. However, after ending things with Assaf, it seems Anfisa still hasn't found the happy ending she was looking for. 

Anfisa and Leo wasted no time dishing the dirt on each other

According to comments left on Instagram (via Soap Dirt), both Leo Assaf and Anfisa Nava are bitter over their breakup. According to Nava, Assaf was caught with another woman and things didn't turn physical only because "the girl he went out with rejected him." Nava commented, "It's ok, this guy just doesn't know what he wants. I had girls texting me 'your man is in my DMs' all the time..." 

According to Assaf's account, while he did go on a date with another woman, he only did so because Anfisa was dating "someone from the new gym that she's been going to," who he guesses is the owner of the joint. "Bottom line [is] if she hadn't met this new guy she would be with me right now," he commented, adding, "Funny thing is that I didn't even want a relationship when we started but she kinda did." 

Assaf also wrote that while Nava showed him a "totally different side [of her] from the show," he feels like a "fool," because he thought he had gotten to know "the real her." Both say that they are refraining from sharing the full story, with Assaf saying that he has dirt on the 90 Day Fiance star, and Nava admitting that she wanted to "keep [her] personal matters private." 

The whole ordeal has Nava wondering, "Are all men trash or have I just been lucky to find the 'best' specimen?"