The Hilarious Mistake Anderson Cooper Made That Everyone Is Talking About

Accidents happen, but Anderson Cooper has become the butt of the joke after he had a hilarious slip-up when hosting CNN's 2020 election coverage on Nov. 4. The news anchor was discussing President Donald Trump's attempt to claim victory when he misspoke, giving our inner pre-teen a good laugh.

"The president overnight basically declaring victory, claiming that fraud was being committed and making false statements on Clitter, uh, excuse me, on Twitter," the silver fox said during his broadcast. Although he quickly corrected his mistake, his slip of the tongue didn't go unnoticed, resulting in some cheerful banter on Twitter. Although people may be poking fun at the journalist, his words seemed to have united many Americans feeling stressed about Election Day. It's the little things, right?

As it turns out, the seasoned reporter is no stranger to on-air blunders (we hope he knows many are laughing with him, not at him) — keep on reading to see what people are saying about the correspondent's funny error.

Anderson Cooper's blunder brought people together

As Americans waited for the results of the 2020 election, Anderson Cooper's unintentionally managed to bring Twitter users together with a good laugh. Several viewers of his CNN election coverage took to Twitter to giggle about the "clitter" mishap, with one person writing, "Anderson Cooper just said 'clitter' on national television I am twelve years old omg." Another person added, "Anderson Cooper just called twitter 'clitter,' and this has now become the best Election ever." A third commenter joked, "I wish Twitter was called Clitter because a lot less men would be able to make their way here."

This isn't the first time the accomplished journalist has caused a stir following an on-air goof. When hosting a New Year's Eve special in 2019, the reporter became a pretty relatable meme after he struggled to hold down a shot of liquor. "It's like burning your lungs!" he said while making some pretty telling faces.

Cooper has always been a good sport, especially when his longtime friend Andy Cohen pokes fun at him. The Bravo guru previously shared shirtless photos of the typically serious reporter, giving fans a chuckle, per People. We can't wait to see what Cohen has to say about clitter-gate!