Details You Didn't Know About Below Deck Med's Bugsy Drake

Known for her epic theme nights and no-nonsense personality, Below Deck Mediterranean's Christine "Bugsy" Drake is hard to forget. The South African made a splash during Season 5 of the hit Bravo show, but she was ready for the drama after going at it with chief stew Hannah Ferrier on Season 2. The blonde beauty returned for Season 5 after second steward Lara Flumiani walked away from their voyage. 

While Bugsy and Hannah appeared to have a contentious relationship aboard the mega-yacht, especially after Bugs called the Australian a "lousy chief stew," the two are actually on decent terms today, since they got a fresh start on Season 5. In fact, following Hannah's dramatic exit from the show after she was fired by Captain Sandy for having unregistered prescription drugs and other paraphernalia on board, Bugsy said she was sad to see her frenemy leave.

"Out of everybody, I think I was the last to find out that she'd actually left the boat," Bugsy told E! News in August 2020. "You don't get to see it on the show, but Hannah did say goodbye to me and we both kind of agreed that it was good that we got to start over."

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Bugsy Drake's friends and foes may surprise you

Now that we can rest easy knowing that Bugsy Drake and Hannah Ferrier have come to a truce, you may be shocked to learn that the two are actually friends now. While speaking with E! News, Bugs gushed over her friend's pregnancy; Ferrier welcomed her baby daughter, Ava, on Oct. 26, 2020. "She's very happy and I couldn't be happier for her becoming a mum," she said to the outlet. "Because, I think that's been a long time coming and that's what she's really wanted. It's a bigger title to take on than a Chief Stew and I think she'll be good at it."

In addition to Bugsy's surprising new relationship with Hannah, she helped facilitate bosun Malia White and chef Tom Checketts' romance. During an episode of the show, Bugsy revealed that her sister and the couple, who have since parted ways, were all working on the same boat at one point. "Tom was really interested in Malia, so [he] spoke to my sister about it, and my sister was cabinmates with Malia and hooked the two of them up," she revealed, per The Daily Dish.

While Bugsy may be comfortable playing matchmaker, she revealed that she was "anti-boatmance in the past," while speaking with In Touch Weekly. Although fans saw sparks fly between Bugsy and deckhand Alex Radcliff she said, "It's just a bit of fun." She did reveal that they do "keep in touch," so you never know what may happen!