The Untold Truth Of TikTok Star Jordyn Jones

Many may know the talented Jordyn Jones from TikTok, but she was already on the entertainment scene before she exploded on the lip-syncing app. Jones was basically born a performer, starting dance classes at just two years old. "My mom put me in baton twirling and I started to compete right away," she told Glitter magazine.

Noticing her daughter's talent, Jones' mom, who was already in the dance scene in Michigan, would fly her back and forth from her hometown of Kalamazoo to Los Angeles. However, Jones did not necessarily get discovered when she was physically in the City of Angels. In fact, the producers of a dance show found her dance clips on YouTube and flew her to New York for meetings. It wasn't until Jones was further into the casting process that she discovered she was about to be on Abby Lee's Ultimate Dance Competition, she told the Zach Sang Show. From there, her career exploded. 

Since starring on the first season of Abby Lee's Ultimate Dance Competition in 2012, Jones has added "singer" and "actress" to her résumé, and she's gained quite the following as an influencer as well. There is so much more to Jones than what we see on her social media pages, though. Here is the untold truth of TikTok star Jordyn Jones.

A popular Disney movie influenced Jordyn Jones to sing

It's clear Jordyn Jones has some impressive moves on the dance floor, but she also has some strong vocal chops as well. While she originally didn't plan to be a pop star, she realized her potential when she started singing along to songs from Disney's Frozen. "I was singing all the songs and then that's when I was like, 'Okay, I wanna [pursue singing professionally],'" she told the Zach Sang Show.

While Frozen helped the singer-actress realize the next step she wanted to take in her career, she was already in a girl group called 5LP, which stood for "Five Little Princesses." Jones was the rapper of the group, which focused on songs about confidence. "Don't be afraid, be who you are," the 5LP's song "Sugar and Spice" urged. 

Since then, Jones has focused on her solo career, where she sings about more mature themes such as relationships, as she explained to the Zach Sang Show.

Jordyn Jones made her acting dreams come true at a young age

It only makes sense that Disney would play an important part in both Jordyn Jones' acting and singing careers. In a fan Q&A posted to her YouTube channel, Jones gushed over the show Liv and Maddie, which starred Dove Cameron. "If I got to be on [a] Disney Channel show, I would love to be on Liv and Maddie" she said. While she did not land a spot on her favorite Disney show, Jones did snag a role on other Disney Channel favorites, including Bizaardvark and Shake It Up, which gave Bella Thorne and Zendaya their big breaks. Jones has also appeared on the show Betch and had a starring role on Brat network's series Overnights.

Jones has taken her acting talent to the big screen, too. She has starred in movies such as Playground Politix, Dance Camp, and Internet Famous alongside Shane Dawson and Tay Zonday.

Jordyn Jones loves connecting with her fans on social media

With a YouTube channel, Tik Tok, and Instagram page that have nearly 20 million followers combined, Jordyn Jones is making a huge imprint in the digital space as an influencer. According to Nissan Supergirl Surf Pro's website, the triple threat has secured brand deals with Revlon, Sprint, MaybellineNY, and Warner Bros. Studios and modeled for brands such as Prada, MiuMiu, Guess, Mudd Jeans, Brandy Melville, and Skechers.

Jones doesn't just use her social media fame to promote her own music and partnerships. She also uses it as a chance to connect with fans and remind them why they are special as individuals. She posted a side by side comparison of herself in the same bikini fitted different ways to show that the mind can be easily deceived online. "not everything is as it seems on instagram. every body is beautiful. don't be down on yourself because of how you see others look just switch up your poses. love you all," she wrote. She also started a podcast in 2020 to spread love, positivity, and fashion with her fans.

Jordyn Jones has accomplished quite the impressive list of achievements during her time in Tinseltown, and at this rate, it's safe to say we will be seeing much more of her, whether it be on social media, through our radios, or on our TV screens.