90 Day Fiance: Why Yazan Wants To Move Up His Wedding With Brittany

Fans will surely agree that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks have not had an easy go of things (which can probably be said for most 90 Day Fiance pairs). Brittany and Yazan have been on an emotional roller coaster together, with religion at the forefront of their biggest issues. After accidentally meeting while a Florida-based Brittany was in Chicago and a Jordan-based Yazan was on the phone with his sister in Chicago, the two hit it off and forged a relationship. Brittany eventually moved to Jordan to be with Yazan after he proposed, but things have been rocky ever since. 

Yazan's strict Muslim faith has been hard for Brittany because she never planned to convert to Islam or leave behind her drinking and partying. Yazan has been under pressure from his family, as they do not approve of Brittany, and he even admitted to her on the Nov. 15, 2020 episode that his dad threatened to kill him if he stayed with her. Although he had gotten a job and an apartment for the two of them, the relationship was putting a strain on Yazan, which forced him to tell Brittany he wanted to be married within a month.

Yazan wants to marry Brittany quickly so his God won't be angry at him

After a particularly rough argument that led to them making up, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Yazan Abo Horira told Brittany Banks that he needed to be married within a month. "I cannot have girlfriend, babe," he told her on the Nov. 15, 2020 episode of the show. "I cannot make my God, like, angry at me. Like, we must marriage." He told her that he didn't care if she didn't convert to Islam, but also shared with cameras, "When I thought about it, I won't be able to wait that long by myself. I can't handle it."

Although Brittany was glad Yazan was being honest, she was irritated at being pushed into marry so quickly. She also shared with Entertainment Tonight, "Honestly, I feel like Yazan is like that with any woman that he loves, you know what I mean? He was like that with his ex-girlfriend. He was hooked on her, he really loved her. [When] he's with me, he really loves me, he wants to make a new life with me, he wanted to make a new life with his ex as well. I don't think that he values his family and religion as much as people think he does." Oof. Can't wait to see how this one plays out!