The Real Reason Bachelorette Viewers Wish Ben Got The Group Rose

At the end of The Bachelorette's "Grown Ass Man"-themed group date, Tayshia Adams handed out a rose, as expected. But, instead of just giving it out, she seemingly narrowed it down to two men, Ivan Hall and Ben Smith, which are two objectively great choices. In front of the whole group, Tayshia said, "Ben, I could tell that you listened to what I had to say and I appreciated that you paid attention to all the little details today." Then she said, "Ivan, you showed off your smarts today. I really enjoyed the romantic gesture you made this evening." For a moment, it seemed like Tayshia was going to break the mold and dole out two group date roses — but that didn't happen. 

Instead, Tayshia gave the rose to Ivan, who is a precious gem of a man, no doubt. However, it was tough to see how sad Ben was. In a confessional, he admitted, "I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that I didn't get any validation." To be fair, he did get some validation in that speech Tayshia gave. He just didn't nab the rose. Ben confessed, "I get it that only one guy can get the rose, but I was pretty confident that I was gonna get the rose."

Then, he started singing, "Hi, hello, I'm Ben. I didn't get a rose again." That sad rhyme really struck a chord with the Bachelorette fandom. No shade to Ivan, but it was just so tough to see Ben getting all choked up during his interview. 

The Bachelorette viewers want to give Ben Smith a rose

When Tayshia Adams didn't give Ben Smith that group rose, one fan offered to do so, tweeting, "ILL GIVE YOU A ROSE BEN." Someone else channelled their inner Tyra Banks to declare, "IT'S OKAY BEN, JUST KNOW WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU TO GET THAT DATE ROSE!" Someone else said, "Ben is a literal gem." The "literal" part of that doesn't make the most sense, but, figuratively speaking, Ben is definitely a gem. Another fan tweeted, "ben making me wanna cry."

One Bachelorette viewer observed, "Ben just wants to be appreciated," which is a relatable sentiment, while another fan predicted that Ben didn't get that group rose because he will be on a one-on-one date next week. Fingers crossed! When it came to the actual rose ceremony, Ben had to sweat it out, waiting for a few other guys to get their roses before he got his, which was also nerve-racking to witness. But at least he did get a rose this time. 

If Ben doesn't nab Tayshia's final rose, some fans are hoping he will get his own Bachelor season (after Matt James' turn, of course), as one person tweeted, "remember ben after matt's season please." While it was tough to see Ben so sad, something good did come from that. He now has a lot of love from the Bachelorette fandom, which is just as worthwhile, right?