Whatever Happened To Disney Star Ashlie Brillault?

To call Kate Sanders a "bully" would be putting it nicely. The Lizzie McGuire villain was a mean girl before Regina George ruled the school in Tina Fey's classic comedy. Whether deeming Lizzie an "outfit repeater" or saying her email address should mention what a loser she is, Kate was not nice to her classmates, especially the title character of the Disney Channel show. However, that doesn't mean the actress behind the catty role deserves any hate.

The blonde-haired, preppy cheerleader was played by Ashlie Brillault, who's pretty much disappeared since her Disney days. (Except, of course, for a recent cast reunion — which we'll get to in a minute.) While Brillault appeared throughout the Disney Channel TV series, and the accompanying Lizzie McGuire movie, she didn't have quite the same big break as Lizzie McGuire herself — a.k.a. Hilary Duff, who not only went on to have a brief singing career, but also starred in several lovable rom-coms (Cinderella Story forever) and still lands gigs today, including Younger.

Besides her Lizzie McGuire roles, Brillault's IMDb page only lists a single cameo on One on One in 2003, which fell during the height of her Disney fame. So, what has she been doing since her days starring on your favorite tween show? Well, good thing you asked — we'll dive right on in.

Kate Sanders will always be part of Ashlie Brillault, but they're very different IRL

If you're wondering what Ashlie Brillault is up to these days, she pulled a total Elle Woods à la Legally Blonde. According to Entertainment Weekly, Brillault went to law school at the University of Denver, defying any unfair assumptions that she's shallow like her on-screen persona. After that, she began working as a criminal defense attorney, per Romper. Impressive, for sure!

But she hasn't left behind her Lizzie McGuire days completely. In May 2020, amidst the coronavirus quarantine, the Lizzie cast reunited to reenact the beloved "Between a Rock and a Bra Place" episode. The nostalgia-fueling crew not only used the opportunity to surprise fans, but also to raise money for different charities. Brillault was part of the virtual event, as screenshotted above. And yes, she still was able to perfectly deliver Kate's signature snark.

At the end of the table read, Brillault recalled, "I remember whenever people would come up to me when they would recognize me... most of them were like, 'Oh my god, you're so mean. Why are you so mean to Lizzie?'" Some kids even cowered behind their moms, but Brillault insisted, "It's okay, I'm nice in real life, I swear!" And in 2016, Brillault posted an old cast photo from her Lizzie days on Instagram, writing, "It's been 15 years and Kate Sanders is still part of my heart."

So there you have it — she's a mega-impressive lawyer nowadays, but Brillault hasn't forgotten her Disney roots.