Southern Charm: Why Thomas Didn't Tell Kathryn About His New Baby

Thomas Ravenel and Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis rarely see eye-to-eye on any matter. Especially the reasoning behind Thomas not telling his ex, and the mother of his two children, that he was expecting another baby with his new girlfriend, Heather Mascoe. On Season 7 of the show, Kathryn was seen living with Thomas as she waited to move back into her own home. She mentioned to friends that it was for convenience, but also that she hadn't yet ruled out ever getting back together with him, even after everything they've been through. 

Kathryn said she was blindsided by the news of a kid, which she got via a text at a dinner party, especially given that she had been living with Thomas while he somehow covered it up. She said at the table during the episode, via People, "Thomas is having another baby. I'm asking him, 'Why wouldn't you tell me?' And he's like, 'Why would I?' Because [Kensie and Saint] are going to have a sibling, hello!'" She added, via All About The Tea, "I cannot believe I've been living in the house with this man who has been hiding a secret that he has a child on the way."

But Thomas claims he had good reason to not tell his ex the good news about his son.

Thomas purposely left Kathryn in the dark

Thomas Ravenel claimed that his decision to not tell Kathryn Dennis about his new baby was a practical, and not a sneaky, one. In November 2020, he said, via All About The Tea, "I didn't say anything to Kathryn because I didn't want the entire world to find out within 12 hours, because I knew she would tell everybody." Thomas added, with a bit of a dig at Kathryn's age, "I didn't want her [Heather] to be stressed by media attention as she's 40 and didn't want any. Heather is private and keeps our relationship under wraps."

It's always something with these two, right? As fans may remember, Kathryn and Thomas dated for years and broke up a number of times. They had their son, Saint, in 2015 and split after a tumultuous custody battle shortly thereafter. Since then, Thomas has all but left Southern Charm and the two have been co-parenting ever since, though it hasn't always been copacetic. She claimed in 2016 that Thomas doesn't pay his child support. "I've gone without electricity. I've gone without heating and air. He doesn't even ask me if I'm OK. He doesn't care at all. But that's fine. I'm gonna make it work on my own. I always have, and I'll figure it out," she said, via Bravo's The Daily Dish

Thomas welcomed his son Jonathan in June 2020. Hopefully, he and Kathryn and Heather have worked it all out by now.