What Happened To Lizzie Rovsek From RHOC?

Lizzie Rovsek appeared on two seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County before taking on alum status. During Season 9, she had her life followed as a full-time Housewife. By Season 10, she was making periodic guest appearances as a friend of the show, per Us Weekly. When the show's eleventh season rolled around, Lizzie decided to leave RHOC to focus on business ventures like her swimwear line. Around the time that she announced her exit, there were rumors that she had been bullied into leaving by former Housewife Tamra Judge.

Lizzie managed to maintain a close relationship with RHOC star Emily Simpson that developed into a business partnership. In June 2020, Lizzie posted a promo pic with Emily showing off their swimwear collab. "Emily and I skyped in [to QVC] from California to debut the 'Housewife' swimsuit," she captioned a photo slide. "We designed a swimsuit for women of all sizes to look and feel their best!" The shots showed the former co-stars modeling their polka dotted swimsuits, as well as an image from their virtual session on QVC. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, post-RHOC Lizzie has also spent time dealing with the aftermath of her divorce. 

Lizzie and Christian Rovsek are still 'really good friends'

Lizzie Rovsek was married to Christian Rovsek for eight years before filing for divorce in December 2017, per Us Weekly. The following year, the former couple "reportedly signed a deal outlining custody, spousal, and child support," per Bravo. However, in early 2020, she opened up about why their divorce still wasn't finalized. "Everything is pretty much finalized besides, we kind of have a family business so that ... hasn't been sorted out, the details of that," she explained while appearing on Jeff Lewis Live (via People).

However, despite marital breakups typically being a grim experience, Lizzie and Christian have seemingly managed to keep things amicable. "It's not ugly at all," she explained on Jeff Lewis Live. "We're really good friends. We co-parent. We started dating when we were 22. We're very close, we're family still. We have our little boys who are the most important thing." 

Not only did they remain friends, but they also made sure to stay within close distance of each other. "He lives 3 minutes down the road, I can walk there," she shared. "It's very friendly." Things are so good between the two, Lizzie hasn't even weeded out the possibility of them getting back together. "I don't think about it, but there's always a possibility for anything," she stated. "I just don't know what happens in the future."