The Truth About Thomas Ravenel's New Fiancee

Thomas Ravenel, former star of Bravo's Southern Charm, found himself in the headlines yet again in 2020, this time for his messy personal life (no surprise there). To recap, Thomas joined the cast of Southern Charm — a show about dysfunctional socialites in Charleston, S.C. — in the first season as a disgraced politician. In 2006, when Thomas served as the state treasure of South Carolina, he faced a federal cocaine charge and eventually resigned his position. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison for the crime, according to The Post and Courier.

So when he joined the cast of Charm several years later, it raised some eyebrows (but also promised great TV). People were drawn to his criminal history but also his complicated relationship with then-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis. Kathryn is roughly two decades younger than Thomas and became pregnant during the show's first season. Kathryn and Thomas went on to have two children, but their relationship was anything but stable. Their relationship ended in a long drawn out custody battle that's still going on as of this writing. In October 2020, Thomas reportedly filed a suit for primary custody of the children, with the proposed deal giving Kathryn visitation rights every other weekend and four weeks in the summer, per Reality Blurb. Part of the reason for the new arrangement is that Thomas is moving two hours away from Charleston to be with his new fiancé, Heather Mascoe.

Curious to know more about Mascoe? Here's everything you didn't know you needed to know about Thomas' new lady.

Thomas Ravenel's fiancé shares qualities with his exes

Thomas Ravenel seems to have a type...a younger type that is. If his dating history is any indication, the disgraced politician prefers much younger women. Kathryn Dennis, with whom he shares two children, is 20 years his junior. His other ex, Ashley Jacobs, is more than two decades younger than him as well. His new fiance, Heather Mascoe is, you guessed it, roughly two decades younger than him, per Us Weekly.

The similarities don't stop there, though. Just like Jacobs, Mascoe is a registered nurse who works in the Charleston area. Although Kathryn isn't a nurse, Mascoe's relationship with Thomas has mirrored her own. Kathryn and Thomas were on and off for about three years. Mascoe and Thomas reportedly dated in the summer of 2019 but broke up around when Mascoe became pregnant with their first child. They reconciled and got back together shortly after the baby boy's birth, Us Weekly noted. It's also worth noting that this romance has had its fair share of drama, considering Mascoe was arrested after her ex-husband (with who she shares two children) accused her of "running up his credit cards," according to Decider. He later dropped the charges.

As for whether Thomas' new relationship will work out, that's TBD. Stay tuned.

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