What Britney Spears' Kids Look Like Today

Fans all over the world know Britney Spears as the princess of pop, but that's just one aspect of her very busy life. Spears' most important role, though, is her role as a mother. Back in '05, Spears and her then-husband Kevin Federline welcomed their first child, Sean Preston. A year later they were blessed with another little bundle of joy, Jayden James. Now both of the boys are in the double-digits, becoming "little men" with interests of their own. See how much they've grown.

They have their own personalities

Sean Preston and Jayden James may be close in age—but they couldn't be more different. Spears opened up to People about her boys, explaining each one's unique personality. "Preston is very opinionated, very expressive and if he doesn't like something, he's going to tell you ... But he has a huge heart, he's a good kid and he has manners." Jayden on the other hand? "He's sweet, very soft-spoken, kinda funny. He's adorable—a momma's boy," she tells the magazine.

They play Pokémon

The Pokémon GO craze hit America hard and, naturally, Spears' boys weren't immune to the madness. Although they've both developed their own separate interests, this is one they can agree on. In fact, the boys were so crazy for the game, they hosted a Pokémon joint birthday bash. Spears went all out for the occasion with a lime green Pikachu-topped cake, various Pokémon character cake pops and Poké Balls inscribed with their names and ages. Don't worry: dad was there too!

They dye their hair

Sean Preston's self-expression sometimes comes in blue; indeed, Spears' oldest son has enjoyed experimenting with hair dye over the last several years. He's done it dark blue with cool-rocker spikes, which Momma Spears liked so much, she could only write, "Wheee!". He's also dyed it a lighter shade of blue; when he channeled his inner merman with the lighter shade, momma's matched! Jayden James, on the other hand, tends to go for more conventional hairstyles. Still, one thing is for sure: they always look stylish.

They play sports

Both of Spears' sons have athletic genes, and the pop star loves to brag about their skills on social media. Jayden James is excelling at flag football, even completing a touchdown, while Sean Preston is getting better and better at playing basketball. Best of all: their athletic talent doesn't stop there. They also both have fancy footwork on the soccer field and both parents show up to help out or cheer on their sons at soccer practice.

Sean Preston and Jayden James don't just play competitive sports, either; they can complete trampoline stunts and impressive dives into the pool, just to name a few.

They get good grades

Spears has instilled the idea that education is important in both of her boys. Even though she's busy with her career, she still spends time with her sons and helps them with their homework. "Homework is a priority," she tells People. "We have a reward system that helps motivate them: if they get so many As, they get one toy a month." Sometimes Spears gets so proud of their hard work, she can't help but show it off on Instagram. Way to go, guys!

They pull epic pranks

Jayden James and Sean Preston have great senses of humor, which they've clearly inherited from their momma.

Sometimes they pull a prank at her expense, though. The boys teamed up to snag their Spears' phone and record themselves scaring the "heck out of mom." Here's what happened: Spears was walking down a hallway in her nightgown when Preston suddenly screamed at her, sending her falling to the ground while screaming his name. Hilarious, to say the least.

Luckily, the "Make Me" singer has a good sense of humor and posted the clip on Instagram writing, "My damn kids."

They're artistic

Being the product of a truly talented mom, it's no surprise that Spears' sons picked up a little artistic talent of their own. Judging by her Instagram, one of her boys is really gifted in the art department. She posted a photo of one of their detailed drawings writing, "My son is a little genius!" If this is any proof of his talent, we can't imagine what she's not posting on social media. In fact, she must have a refrigerator full of amazing art.

They help out around the house

Boys will be boys—but they also want that allowance. Sean Preston and Jayden James are getting older and starting to help out around the house. They do their own dishes, take out the trash and help take care of the dogs. The boys have their price, though, and it seems they drive a hard bargain. "Preston just asked for a high allowance—like $10 a week or $20 a week—but we'll see!" Spears tells People. Hey, you can't blame a little guy for trying!

They're big brothers

Spears and Federline may only have two kids together, but Federline has a total of six children, including two daughters with his wife, Victoria Prince. That makes Sean Preston and Jayden James big bros to little sisters Jordan and Peyton. They don't live together full time, but when they're together, the boys enjoy their role as brothers. They cheered on the girls before their school musical; and they take time to just play and enjoy being bros. With Spears wanting three more kids, they have even more time to grow into their role as big brothers.