Bad Girls Club's Whitney Collings Sadly Dies At 33

Bad Girls Club alum Whitney Collings died on Dec. 3, 2020, according to TMZ. Collings reportedly passed away at a hospital near Boston, Mass., and the cause of death is still being determined. Collings was 33.

Collings is well-known for her role in the Oxygen reality TV show, which she joined at age 21 for Season 3. During her time on the series, she earned the nickname "The Straight Shooter," according to Page Six. Her season was filmed in 2008 and broadcast from 2008-2009, per the outlet.

Collings became iconic in her season for her love of Boston and how much she identified with her hometown. Another part of her success was her quick, snappy, and confident nature, as The Wrap noted. Although Collings' big personality made her recognizable to fans, it was also one of the reasons she got kicked off the reality TV show. But despite some bumps along the road, the former reality star remained communicative with fans, at one point even offering advice to aspiring reality stars. With all of that in mind, let's take a look into Collings' life.

Inside Whitney Collings' advice to fans

Whitney Collings appeared on Season 3 of Oxygen's reality show Bad Girls Club, a TV show that centered around confrontations between outspoken women. Collings time on the show ended because she "kicked fellow star, Amber Meade, in the face," according to The Wrap.

Bad Girls Club frequently received scathing reviews from critics, per Page Sixso it wasn't like Collings lost part in a widely-sought after production. Bad Girls Club wound up being her only television credits, with the reality series itself ending in 2017. In a 2009 interview with RealityWanted, Collings gave advice to people pursuing reality TV fame and provided insight on what it's like to be on-camera. "Just be yourself," Collings said. "Don't try to be anyone else, or someone you are not. Casting directors know if you are acting. There is no secret to reality TV casting. Every show looks for something different. It's luck of the draw." 

Of course, Collings' loved ones are struggling with grief. "I am completely broken and will never get over this," her mom reportedly wrote on Facebook, according to TMZ. "Life is so unfair. She was kind with a big heart."