90 Day Fiance: Why Deavan Clegg Claims The Show Lied To Viewers

Reality stars sometimes slam the shows that brought them fame for unflattering editing, but 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg is calling out TLC for flat-out lying. Following the show's finale in November 2020, Deavan took to social media to point out some flaws in the program's timeline and to reflect on her experience working with production company Sharp Entertainment.

"The past two years have been the hardest I've ever experienced in my life. My life is forever changed by this show," she wrote on Instagram, referring to her failed marriage to estranged husband Jihoon Lee, per In Touch. "Some good, some bad. I want to personally thank the Korean film crew who was apart from Sharp," she said, revealing her allegedly unpleasant experience with the production company. "Amazing, kind and loyal. Who knew the bad and held my hand through it. I wish I could say the same about Sharp."

She explained the show "cut" a lot of context that led to inaccurate story telling. "A lot of over-the-line things bringing many of the cast members to almost take their lives. Me being one of them." She added, "The greater lesson I've learned is how evil some people can be. The truth of reality is dark and evil. Fake scenarios taken from real life to ruin many people's lives. My heart goes out to the many people who have taken their lives this year due to reality TV going [too] far." Keep scrolling for more details.

Deavan Clegg claims 90 Day Fiance's timeline is flawed

Among Deavan Clegg's grievances about the production of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is that she claims the show got her timeline all wrong. Although the finale episode claimed to show Deavan dealing with the coronavirus pandemic abroad in March 2020, they then stated she returned to America with her children "four months later." Despite the show's claim, Deavan took to her Instagram Stories writing, "I came back to America in May. No idea why TLC would lie about the timeline," per Cheatsheet

Deavan shared additional proof about her whereabouts by uploading a post from May 2020. "This photo was posted at my mother's house a week after I arrived," she wrote, according to a now-deleted Reddit thread. She also posted a makeup tutorial she previously uploaded to YouTube with key information to corroborate her alibi. "The video was filmed one month prior. As you can see it was posted June 6th. As the show is claiming, I came back early August," she wrote according to the outlet. Aside from her timeline, she also claimed "reality tv shows are fake" and are "scripted or edited to match a storyline that storyboard teams put together before filming," per Screenrant. TLC has yet to address Deavan's allegations.

While claiming the show paid little attention to truth, Deavan said filming took her to a "dark place I never want to revisit," per In Touch. "I hope future cast members are treated fairly and not as money bags or other puppets."