Has Fernanda Flores From 90 Day Fiance Had Plastic Surgery?

TLC has a penchant for casting 90 Day Fiancé couples who bring the drama! The show has delivered plenty of scandals and devastating breakups, including a headline-making romance between Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera. The pair, who met at a club in Fernanda's native Mexico and got engaged after just three months of long-distance dating, first entered the 90 Day universe in Season 6.

Soon, their 12-year age difference paired with jealousy and fears of infidelity caused plenty of drama and after tying the knot in May 2018, Fernanda and Jonathan stopped talking on December 22, 2018. According to Fernanda, the real reason for their breakup was that she found herself "in a really abusive relationship." What's more, she told fans on YouTube (via E!) that Jonathan "likes to drink way too much" and "wasn't careful with money at all."

The reality TV stars finalized their divorce in March 2020, with Fernanda announcing on Instagram that she was "officially single!" While Jonathan moved on and got engaged to girlfriend Janelle Miller, Fernanda also tried to find love. She went on "a couple dates" with Bachelor in Paradise alum Clay Harbor (including virtual ones during quarantine) and in July 2020, she posed with a mystery man on Instagram, writing (via In Touch), "I have [learned] something important: You don't protect [your] heart by acting like you don't have one." But her love life isn't the only thing that's changed. The aspiring model has also embarked on a journey of physical transformation.

Did Jonathan fund Fernanda's plastic surgery?

As 90 Day Fiancé superfans will know, Jonathan Rivera was once all-too-happy to fund Fernanda Flores' transformation. Before she even arrived in the U.S., her fiancé shelled out the necessary cash for breast augmentation surgery, which she got done in her native Mexico.

When viewers first met a then-19-year-old Fernanda and 32-year-old Jonathan, the Lumberton, N.C. native proudly called his bride-to-be a "fiery Latina," per Reality TV World, and admitted that because of their considerable age difference, he had taken on the role of provider. As Jonathan revealed, he bought Fernanda a car, financed part of her schooling, and agreed to pay for her to get breast implants. He also wasn't shy about gushing over the results throughout the season. Then their union disintegrated and Fernanda went on to pursue a modeling career in Chicago. In chasing her new dreams, she hasn't shied away from flaunting her assets during racy photo shoots and on the catwalk. In fact, she made her runway debut wearing nothing more than a tiny bikini while walking for LOUNGE UNDERWEAR at 2019 Miami Swim Week.

Fernanda set out to create the perfect nose

Shortly after her split from Jonathan, Fernanda continued on her transformation journey with a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, which Allure explains is "the injection of hyaluronic acid filler into the nose to temporarily tweak its shape."

Fernanda visited Chicago's Dr. Otto Placik, who describes himself as "a board-certified plastic surgeon" with a "medical degree from Northwestern University" on his website, in February 2019 to tweak the appearance of her nose. Dr. Placik posted about the 90 Day alum's procedure and its results on his Instagram, first sharing a reaction video of the reality TV star gushing "Wow! Wow!" after seeing her new nose, then he uploaded a before-and-after collage. The changes are certainly subtle, but as he wrote, fans should "notice how building the bridge and lifting the tip [with temporary filler] helped accentuate her already beautiful face!"

One person who wasn't loving the new look was Jonathan. Taking to Fernanda's Instagram comments, he slammed, (via Soap Dirt), "I don't know how she's paying for it, but it's damn sure not my money [...] You can't fix fake," he proclaimed.