Why Rumors Are Swirling About Ivanka Trump's Political Future

Donald Trump's presidential term launched his family into the political spotlight, especially daughter Ivanka Trump. While the Trump kids weren't exactly strangers to the public eye, joining the White House was a drastic difference from appearances on Celebrity Apprentice with Dad.

Ivanka's job as senior advisor to the president came with its share of good and bad for the former fashion designer. With more public attention came more public scrutiny, and she got called out for some cringe-worthy moments. We've also discovered where her money comes from, and just because Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are doing just fine financially.

Thanks to their massive net worth, Ivanka and Jared purchased some new digs because their old social scene in New York might not exactly be welcoming. They purchased land in an area nicknamed "billionaire bunker" in Florida, a source told CNN. While the location offers them privacy and security, something they need post-White House, there are also political implications for Ivanka in this move. Here's what her future might have in store.

Does Ivanka Trump have her eye on the Senate?

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner purchased a two-acre plot of land on Biscayne Bay, near Miami Beach, Fla., according to CNN. The piece of property was listed for $31.8 million and a source told the outlet that the couple paid somewhere in the range of $28-30 million. Obviously, it's a luxurious area.

But Ivanka's move to Florida also has possible political ramifications. According to The Washington Post, those who know Ivanka say that she "will be contemplating how to maximize her political capital" and feel certain she isn't going anywhere, even with Donald Trump leaving the White House. 

As CNN noted, Ivanka was very active in Florida while she was campaigning on behalf of her father, and because such a high level of exposure came from this, she has a huge political advantage. In fact, the outlet speculated that Ivanka might have her eye on the U.S. Senate and could possibly run against Senator Marco Rubio. Hey, she'll already be living in Florida. You never know what can happen!