The Bachelorette: Why Ivan Hall's Hometown Date Impressed Tayshia

After the realization that things are getting serious and sending four guys home, Tayshia Adams has confidently chosen her final four. Among them is Ivan Hall, who has cultivated a strong and growing relationship with Tayshia since she walked into the Bachelor mansion.

Fans have seen their romance blossom through playing classic childhood games like pillow fights and pretending the floor is lava. The two have also had serious conversations, including their experiences with the reignited Black Lives Matter movement in America. The connection between them has been obvious, so understandably, many Bachelorette fans were excited to see Ivan introduce his family to Tayshia.

Although being a contestant on The Bachelorette is no doubt stressful, Ivan has enjoyed his time finding love with Tayshia, at one point confessing to cameras that he felt like "the luckiest man in the world," according to People. So, it only makes sense that he does his best to make Tayshia feel like the luckiest woman in the world during the hometown date, and apparently, he hit the nail on the head. Keep on scrolling to find out why Ivan Hall's hometown date impressed Tayshia.

Ivan showed Tayshia some love in the kitchen

We already knew that Ivan Hall was good with his hands. He builds jets for the U.S. military, after all, according to his Bachelorette bio. However, in a sneak peek obtained by E! News of his hometown date with Tayshia Adams (production brought the contestants' families to the La Quinta Resort where filming is taking place due to the coronavirus pandemic) he shows his skills in a new way.

Before Tayshia meets his family, Ivan shares some of his Filipino heritage with Tayshia by showing her how to cook a homemade meal. They seem to have a blast together, laughing and twirling around the kitchen during the date. Tayshia also shares in a confessional that Ivan makes her feel loved and allows her to be herself. "He hit the nail on the head with today's date," she gushes. Although fans don't know how meeting his family goes, it's clear that Ivan made the first part of the special time together unforgettable. 

The episode's description is very vague but promises fun times, and of course, drama. Fans can tune in to ABC to watch Ivan, Zac Clark, Brendan Morais, and Ben Smith show Tayshia what life with them would be like.