Faith Hill's Daughter Is Basically Her Twin

Country power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have three beautiful daughters together: Gracie, Maggie and Audrey. All three daughters have characteristics of their country-superstar parents; however, one in particular is the spitting image of her mom: at this point, Maggie, their middle daughter, could be mistaken for the "This Kiss" singer's twin. Get to know Hill's mini-me, the 18-year-old with really good genes.

She's college-bound

Now that Maggie is 18 and a high school grad, she's officially off to college. The country singers haven't revealed where their daughter will be studying; but McGraw did tell Country Countdown USA that Maggie would be cracking the books for a degree in marine biology.

The road to college was a bittersweet one; but Hill and her daughter made it fun with an epic mother-daughter road trip, complete with Taylor Swift sing-a-longs and delicious dinners. The ending was a little difficult, though. Hill tweeted a crying emoji with the news that she'd officially dropped Maggie off. "Cheers to all the moms and dads who did the same this year," she wrote.

She's more beautiful than ever

Maggie has always resembled her mom; but now that she's a young woman, she could actually pass for Hill's twin. She has a little bit of McGraw in her too, but let's be honest, she's got a whole lot of Hill. Maggie's inherited her mom's long legs, luscious locks, sweet smile and even her incredible skin! Regardless of who she looks like as she gets older, she's bound to always be beautiful with that family tree.

She's no stranger to a red carpet

Maggie's parents are two of country's biggest names, and with that, comes with some awesome perks. In 2016, she got to sit next to her famous father at the CMT Music Awards. She looked stunning in black next to McGraw, who matched his daughter in black from head to toe. He couldn't help but be a doting dad, of course, tweeting a car selfie of the two before the show. Having his daughter as his date may have also brought him good, too: he took home the Video of the Year award for "Humble and Kind" that same night. She's also attended the Time 100 Gala with her parents and sisters for a black-tie, family-fun night.

She brakes for animals—literally!

While on their mother-daughter road trip, Maggie and Hill had to brake for a Texas turtle. The little guy was crossing the country road when the women found him. What did Maggie do? She jumped out to save him, of course. The 18-year-old definitely inherited her animal-loving way habits from her mom, who is reportedly a celebrity supporter for K9 Connection. This wasn't their only interaction with animals on the trip; Maggie also befriended a furry feline.

She can sing

Although Maggie may not follow in the career footsteps of her parents, she could if she wanted to. Much like her mom and dad, Maggie was blessed with a beautiful voice and she's braved big crowds to join her dad on stage. Several years ago, their middle daughter sang a duet of "Last Dollar (Fly Away)" with McGraw in front of a massive crowd, just like a pro. The audience loved her and her performance. So, if marine biology doesn't work out, she'll have a pretty nice backup option in her pocket.

She has a giving heart

Maggie was on hand to help launch the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida, according to her dad's Instagram page, where she got to meet none other than the Games' founder, Prince Harry. The games are dedicated to celebrating the strength of wounded warriors, not to give them sympathy. According to the website, the games "shine a light on the holistic recovery and rehabilitation that occurs through sport for the wounded, ill and injured service men and women who participate in them." Maggie and McGraw were there to show their support for the organization and if she's anything like her parents, this won't be her last time extending a helping hand.

Motherhood changed Hill's outlook on life

Like many celebrity moms, becoming a mother to three beautiful daughters quickly changed Hill's priorities on fame, fortune and Hollywood. "I'm a very busy mom, and that's really what I (am)," she said in a 2009 radio interview. "I'm a mom who happens to sing on the side. It's kind of like my side gig now!"

Maggie looks just like Faith did when Faith was little

If you needed further proof that Maggie inherited her mom's looks, look no further than this side-by-side comparison of Maggie headed off to college and Faith when she was just 10 years old; just glancing at the two of them together, it can be hard to determine who is actually whom. Of course, considering her mother grew up to be one of the world's most beautiful people, this is definitely a problem we all wish we had.