90 Day Fiance: Has Brittany Banks Already Moved On From Yazan?

Despite seemingly ending their 90 Day Fiance experience on good terms, Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Hurira ultimately went their separate ways once the cameras stopped rolling. They rocked their season with relationship drama that stemmed from their cultural differences. Brittany, an aspiring rapper and Florida native, rubbed Yazan and his Jordanian community the wrong way with her sexy social media behavior and reluctance to get married. Yazan's parents were so offended by his romance, that they decided to kick him out, with his father even threatening Yazan's life. 

However, aside from how tumultuous their relationship appeared to be, Brittany and Yazan ended the season on the hopes that she would apply for a K-1 visa so Yazan could join her in the States, In Touch Weekly reported. But, shortly after the season finale, Yazan started teasing his new girlfriend who he claimed "may be Brittany, may be no," according to ScreenRant. Shortly thereafter, Yazan confirmed the identity of his new American girlfriend by tagging her to his Instagram photo. "Yazoooonie," she replied along with the heart-eye emoji. "I love you so much beby," Yazan wrote under her comment. It turns out, though, that Yazan isn't the only one who found himself a rebound post-Brittany. Keep reading to find out about the new relationship Brittany has found. 

Brittany Banks "enjoying pleasure" with a new man

In December 2020, Brittany Banks did some teasing of her own about the new man in her life. The 90 Day Fiance star and social media influencer posted a photo advertisement on Instagram that showed her in sexy black lingerie while promoting an adult toy line. While captioning the photo slide, she decided to hint at having a boyfriend to enjoy them with. "Intimacy as a woman doesn't have to be so taboo," she shared in the caption. "We all enjoy pleasure and I know I sure do... My man and I really enjoy how the aphrodisiac drink makes us feel!"

While fans were very curious about who this man was, Brittany has not yet offered any more details about her potential new boo. Her teased romance comes after a Q&A session on her Instagram Story where she sent a middle finger emoji when a fan asked her about her ex Yazan Abu Hurira, Screen Rant reported. It's clear that if the former couple does make a return to 90 Day Fiance, they won't be together.