Almost 27% Agree This Canceled Reality Show Needs To Return

Calling all reality TV fans out there! In a recent Nicki Swift survey, we decided to poll our audience and see which reality show people wish would make a comeback. Over the years, almost every network has come out with their own obsession-worthy reality show. From MTV's The Real World and other spin-off series to VH1's countless dating shows, reality TV has definitely made its mark in the entertainment world. The genre is filled with unscripted real-life situations that viewers can't get enough of — whether you love to hate it, or hate to love it

So, if you're a fan of reality TV and want to know which throwback your peers think should make a return, we've got you covered. Nicki Swift conducted a survey of 607 people and asked them which canceled reality show they would want to return on TV the most. (We all love a bit of nostalgia, right?) Keep reading to learn which show fans think should definitely get a reboot. We'll give you a hint: the show was one of the first heartwarming makeover reality TV series. 

Reality TV fans want TLC's What Not to Wear to make a comeback

If you guessed TLC's American makeover series What Not to Wear, then you guessed right! The show aired from 2003 to 2013 and featured a number of beauty and fashion glow-ups. Stylists and lifestyle consultants Stacy London and Clinton Kelly helped carry the show and would give individuals a complete makeover from head to toe in each episode. However, the real hook and anchor for the series had to be the positive storyline. While most reality TV is known for being drama-filled, WNTW was different. 

The contestants of WNTW were regular people who were nominated by family or friends because, according to their nearest and dearest, the individual desperately needed some fashion help. Stacy and Clinton would then swoop in to save the day, lavishing the contestant with a new wardrobe and a whole hair and makeup do-over. Fans of WNTW would tune each episode knowing that the show was going to end with a feel-good outcome, aka a glam-ified makeover. The show also provided viewers a quick and easy way to get some expert fashion advice from Stacy and Clinton, too. 

Will WNTW get a reboot in the future?

While the show was filled with fashion advice, the greatest legacy of What Not to Wear isn't all the tips and tricks from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Instead, according to Refinery29the reality show "helped teach us how to see ourselves more clearly, both as we are and as we wish to be." 

Because of WNTW's positive storyline, it's no wonder that participants from Nicki Swift's survey voted for this reality show to make a comeback. In our study, WNTW received the most votes with 163 of 607 (about 26.85 percent). The reality show that received the lowest votes at only 43 or (7.08 percent) was (shockingly) ABC's Bachelor Pad, a spin-off series from the network's mega-hit The BachelorMTV's The Real World was the second show to receive the most votes at 117, then TLC's 19 Kids and Counting with 77 votes, and VH1's Rock of Love with 59 votes. The "other" category received about 24 percent of votes. 

Based off these findings, it appears that fans would be thrilled if WNTW got a reboot. Though Showbiz CheatSheet reported in 2019 that TLC was, in fact, rebooting the show, we have to wait to see if that actually comes to fruition. According to what a TLC spokesperson told Refinery29 in July 2020, they didn't have "any information to share" about the series in the wake of COVID-19. Crossing fingers for WNTW fans that this will change post-pandemic.