What Arnold Schwarzenegger Really Thinks About Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger heated up summer 2018 after being spotted for the first time together in June of that year, as per TMZ, just months before Pratt finalized his divorce from Anna Faris. Apparently, Katherine's famous mom, Maria Shriver, was rooting for the budding romance (she reportedly set the two up). "Maria is very excited for Katherine," a source told E! News. "Everyone has their fingers crossed that this is going to work out long term. They think Chris is an amazing guy and a great catch."

The romance quickly turned serious, and with Shriver's approval, there was only one thing standing between Pratt and a proposal to Katherine: her dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Jurassic World actor recalled to Extra in an interview that he was "nervous" to ask the actor-turned-politician for his daughter's hand in marriage. "I think any person who appreciates the tradition and asks a father for his daughter's hand in marriage, it's inevitably something that's going to make you a little nervous," he admitted. "But that's sort of the beauty of it." Fortunately, Katherine's famous father was happy to welcome Pratt into the family. Katherine and Pratt married in 2019 and welcomed a baby girl in August 2020. 

While granting Pratt permission to marry his daughter is the ultimate sign of approval, the Terminator actor has once again shared his thoughts on his son-in-law. Keep reading to find out what Arnold Schwarzenegger really thinks about Chris Pratt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was initially surprised Katherine wanted to marry Chris Pratt for this reason

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised his Kindergarten Cop co-stars in a Zoom reunion hosted by Yahoo! Entertainment on Dec. 21, 2020, where they talked about memorable moments on set and what they've been up to since the 1990 release. Schwarzenegger spoke about his family during the event and admitted that he would have never seen daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger to marry an actor. 

"I said to myself, she would be sick and tired of me dragging them to sets, having them watch me blowing up buildings and killing people," he said of bringing his kids to work (per E! News). "My kids always enjoyed it, but Katherine, she was crying always, the first few movies." Regardless of his shock, Schwarzenegger is thrilled his daughter ended up with Chris Pratt and spilled the beans on how he really felt about him, calling him a "fantastic guy" who is "so easy to get along with."

Katherine shared the same sentiment as her father, calling Pratt the "greatest gift ever," in a 2020 interview with Us Weekly. "I've always felt incredibly supported by my siblings and my parents, but to have that in a partner and in my husband is another amazing gift to have," she gushed. 

As Arnold told E!, "I'm really happy because he has been a wonderful, wonderful husband to her, and such a great son-in-law." How sweet!