Zac Clark's Ex-Wife Breaks Her Silence About His Relationship With Tayshia Adams

Some might argue that the more exes you have, the more so-called baggage you bring into your next relationship. Someone who might relate to that sentiment is 2020 Bachelorette winner Zac Clark, who fell in love with Tayshia Adams' on Season 16. Right away, he knew he'd have to address his complicated past.

Let's back up, though. Zac, who was 36 when the season aired, was ready for a fresh chance at love. Zac spent most of his twenties dealing with serious substance abuse issues, which caused issues in his first marriage. Zac was open with Tayshia about his background — something the couple boded over, as Tayshia had a failed marriage under her belt as well. "We have so many similarities regarding our goals in life," Tayshia told People after the season finale in which got engaged to Zac. "I've never been in a relationship like this before. Our communication is phenomenal and I feel really safe with Zac. It just feels so right. And I can't wait to experience life with him by my side."

That's all well and good, but what about Zac's ex-wife? It's one thing to watch your ex move on via Instagram and quite another to watch it play out on prime time TV. So what does Zac's ex-wife have to say about all of this? As it turns out, quite a bit.

Zac Clark's ex doesn't have any hard feelings

Zac Clark met his now ex-wife, Jennifer Stanley-Goerge, in college, nearly two decades ago before appearing on The Bachelorette. Stanley-George and Zac were married from 2009 to 2011 and officially divorced in 2012, per Us Weekly. Since then, Zac has gotten sober, gone on to win The Bachelorette, and supposedly find the love of his life, Tayshia Adams.

For most exes, that might be a lot to swallow, but Stanley-George couldn't be happier for the new couple. "It's been a long time [since our divorce] so I'm sure he's ready. I'm sure if they truly have feelings for each other then it'll be great," she told the outlet. "They seem really happy. I hope that they work out. They look like they have chemistry, and they seem like they are in love." Though she and Zac are no longer close, Stanley-George is a big fan of his new fiance, according to Us Weekly. "I love Tayshia," she said. "I watched her on the other shows too and she seems so sweet."

For her part, Stanley-George has moved on too. According to the outlet, she recently welcomed her first child with her new husband. It looks like everyone got a happy ending!