The Truth About Nick Viall And Jennifer Saviano's Split

Nick Viall is no stranger to Bachelor Nation. After making his initial franchise debut on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, he appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season and then on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. The reality star also got his own season of The Bachelor in 2017. During all of these televised quests to find love, Nick unfortunately did not find his person and had many of his relationships not work out.

It seemed as though Nick would finally get his fairy tale at the end of his Bachelor season when he got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi, but the pair called it quits five months after the show ended (per People). Prior to falling in love with Vanessa and filming his season, there was one relationship of his that fans are still puzzled about. Right before ABC announced that Nick would be the next Bachelor back in 2016, he was falling in love with Jennifer Saviano on Bachelor in Paradise and it really seemed like the couple was going to have a happy ending. Fans were sad to see him dump Jennifer on the finale, though, and rumors are still swirling about their breakup. Keep reading to learn more about Nick's split from Jennifer.

Nick Viall may have broken up with Jennifer Saviano to be the Bachelor

The timing of Nick Viall's breakup with Jennifer Saviano seemed a little suspicious to Bachelor Nation. Nick and Jennifer met on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and things got pretty serious between the two — Nick even picked out an engagement ring with Neil Lane. However, during the finale, he couldn't bring himself to propose and instead dumped a heartbroken Jennifer who was ready for a proposal. "I've fallen in love with you, and I want to continue to fall if you're willing to catch me," she told Nick during the finale (via People). The breakup shocked fans and Jennifer herself.

During the aftershow, it was then announced that Nick would be the next Bachelor and getting another shot at love. However, many people think landing the gig may have been why he dumped Jennifer. In fact, Nick's BIP costar Lauren Himle alleged that Nick and Jennifer continued to date after the show wrapped all the way up until just a week before he was announced as the Bachelor, Us Weekly reports.

Nick was quick to shut down those rumors, though. "No, none of that was remotely true," he told the outlet. Jennifer did not address the rumors, so fans find it hard to tell what to believe. Some fans think dating 30 women at once and soaking up a bit more screen time might have been a good enough reason to end things with Jennifer, but we guess we'll never really know what went down.