90 Day Fiance: The Real Reason Amira Got Detained In Mexico

90 Day Fiancé fans have grown accustomed to watching their favorite couples navigate long-distance love during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Season 8 couple Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton have especially been forced to pivot their plans to be together, and it seems that their romance was tailored made for drama

Roseville, Calif.-based Andrew works for his mother's daycare center, according to a recap from TV InsiderHis close relationship with his mom already has fans comparing Andrew to 90 Day franchise staple Colt Johnson. Andrew connected with half-French, half-Egyptian Amira over social media, and after meeting in Las Vegas, Andrew proposed. However, according to Cinema Blend, the coronavirus pandemic complicated Amira's K-1 visa process. She obtained the visa in early spring, but due to a travel ban preventing people from coming to the United States via the European Union, her plans hit a snag.

Andrew inevitably gave Amira an ultimatum to prove that she loved him, and Andrew devised a plan for them to take advantage of a travel "loophole," as Showbiz Cheat Sheet reportedThe two would meet in Mexico, quarantine for two weeks, and then enter the U.S. Amira was understandably worried about the scheme, but she told her father that if she didn't leave France, Andrew would "resent [her] forever," per the outlet. Yikes. So if Andrew had it all figured out, why was Amira detained in Mexico? Keep on scrolling for the truth about their travel plans and that heartbreaking twist from the Dec. 27, 2020, episode. 

Amira Lollysa cried about her traumatic experience

Amira Lollysa took a train and then a plane to be with her fiancé, Andrew Kenton. Yet, after boarding in France, camera crews stopped capturing Amira's journey, leaving fans to watch Andrew frantically receive a phone call once he landed in Mexico. Amira reportedly was detained in Mexico City after traveling internationally from the European Union, and an upcoming scene shows Amira crying in a Mexican detention center. "Nobody deserves to go through that," she cried, per Screen Rant. As one Redditor theorized, it's possible Amira got detained because she didn't have proof of a return flight to France. But viewers will have to wait for the full story.

So was all of this worth her grueling experience? Fans have speculated that Amira and Andrew are not together amid social media clues. In a now-private Instagram post from Nov. 27, 2020, a follower guessed Andrew was on his honeymoon after he posted a photo of two champagne flutes. Andrew responded, saying, "No honeymoon here. You'll love this season and its many unexpected surprises." Similarly, another fan claimed that the image proved Andrew and Amira tied the knot. Andrew stayed coy, writing, "Haha maybe, maybe not, but this trip is not what you think..."

Amira's Instagram tells a slightly different story. Her bio promises that "when a door closes, a window opens," and she has one photo of herself and Andrew. The rest of her account promotes the show and her burgeoning modeling career, even receiving "likes" from fellow 90 Day Fiancé alum Jesse Meester. Hmm.