Why Samantha From My 600-Lb Life Films Herself Eating

Weighing in at close to 900 pounds, one of the newest participants of My 600-lb LifeSamantha, is making no apologies for her career in fetish modeling — specifically eating on camera. The only problem is that her health is suffering in a major way. 

As reported by Hollywood Life, Samantha's reasoning for appearing on the reality weight-loss show is because her obesity is becoming more and more problematic — so much so that there's not even an ambulance in the entire state of Colorado willing to transport her to Houston, Texas to meet with the reality show's surgeon, Dr. Now. Her immobility, along with frequent hospital visits due to her poor health, should be enough reason to quit her modeling job, right? Apparently not, according to Samantha. 

Why would she continue to binge eat on camera if her health and wellbeing is suffering because of it? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Samantha continues to binge eat on camera because it's her job

It turns out that the answer is pretty simple. It all boils down to one word: money.

During an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Samantha explained it all very matter of factly. "I eat for people. I just eat what I want and they pay for it, as long as I film it. So that's how I make a living and keep going, and it makes me feel appreciated so I'm happy to do it," she confessed. Even Samantha's daughter backed up her mother's claims and told the publication that her mother's "self-image really improved after she started that modeling job." She went on to say, "It kind of makes her happier because those people just find her as beautiful. They find her as a human being, not some huge maniac."

Make no mistake about it — Samantha is not naive. She completely understands that it is her body that is paying the ultimate price with this modeling gig. "There's no question that this job has been unhealthy for me because I found the perfect community to reinforce my worst habits," she explained. "I last weighed in 6 months ago legitimately, and I was at 811 pounds."

Here's to hoping that Dr. Now can help Samantha sooner rather than later.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact the National Eating Disorder Association's Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 or chat with one of their helpline volunteers on NEDA's website.