Celebrities React To Donald Trump's Shocking Presidential Victory

The Twittersphere and the world is still recovering from the ultimate hangover after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. In a stunning reversal from campaign polls and projections, Republican candidate Donald Trump eked out a victory on November 8th in several battleground states—including Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—to claim 279 electoral votes and the Presidency over the heavy favorite, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

While the final election results weren't known until late in the night, many saw the writing on the wall early in the evening and took to social media to make their thoughts known. Among the millions of Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts made over the last day, many celebrities—from both sides of the political fence—spoke out to let their followers know what they thought of the election results. Here's a rundown of what some of them had to say.

Ariana Grande

Recording artist and actress Ariana Grande was one of those celebrities who started getting uneasy early in the night. The "Problem" singer sent out a pleading appeal to the Sunshine State, from where she was born, at 7:30, when final results for Florida were still not final:

A few hours later, Grande expressed her fear after early polling reports for states in the Rust Belt started to turn south.

Although the final results would not be known until well into the early morning hours of November 9th, Grande sent her last Tweet of the night after it became clear that it was unlikely Hillary Clinton would attain the White House. Her thoughts were apparently echoed by her many followers, who liked her Tweet 120,000 times and retweeted it 67,000 times.

Lady Gaga

Singer Lady Gaga had not been shy about expressing her political views so far this election season—the "Til it Happens to You" singer had even campaigned on behalf of Clinton, appearing in concert alongside Bon Jovi at the Democrat's final rally. Following Trump's victory, Gaga took to the streets to protest in front of Trump Tower. She also got on Twitter and composed a couple of messages of hope and forward action for her followers, including:

J.K. Rowling

Throughout the 2016 election season, U.K. resident and author J.K. Rowling had been outspoken in her opposition to Republican candidate Donald Trump. Following the election, many of her fans were sending her Tweets to ask for her advice. When one follower asked how people should move forward from Trump's victory, the Harry Potter author responded that the only way to do so is to "Stand together," and to "hold the line."

Nick Offerman

For fans familiar with the Parks and Recreation star's Twitter account, it didn't surprise many to see Nick Offerman respond quickly to the Trump victory. For the last several months, Offerman had penned often-hilarious Tweets directed at the President-elect's @realDonaldTrump account. He'd usually address Trump as "NACHO," and signed with "CALL ME." Following Trump's election, Offerman offered what may be his last Tweet along these lines, with one final twist:

Katy Perry

"Rise" singer Katy Perry—who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton in spite of her parents' support for Donald Trump—offered a strong message for the future via a series of Tweets on her profile following the Republican candidate's victory:

Leslie Jones

As you might expect, outspoken comedian and actress Leslie Jones had a lot to say following the election's eventual outcome. Before Trump was declared the winner, Jones signed off for the night by letting her supporters know she was heading home to "be near her weapons":

Once day broke on November 9th, Jones returned with several more Tweets about the election. She also shared a status from actor Jesse Williams, encouraging those who are downhearted today to "come together" and "be creative."

She also expressed much of the disbelief many American voters are feeling today, wondering if the aliens are finally on their way to take over Earth:

Chris Evans

One of the more poignant reactions of the night came from Chris Evans—aka the star of Captain America—when he made his thoughts known with a late-night Tweet. "This is an embarrassing night for America," Evans wrote. "We've let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We've let a bully set our course. I'm devastated." His sentiments were echoed by many of his fans, who retweeted the status over 260,000 times.

Sarah Silverman

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman's emotions bounced everywhere during the course of the evening. First, she pled with her fans to give her something to be hopeful for:

Later, she expressed disappointment and her plans to escape on the mythical Boob McNutt's Ark (reference here for the uninitiated), and referenced the controversial U.K. Brexit vote:

Silverman, who was an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders, wasn't just all jokes, however. She also gave her fans a sad and hopeful message with a quote from Anne Frank—the little girl who died during the Holocaust and wrote what would one day become a very famous diary:

Kirstie Alley

Among the smaller pool of celebrities who publicly backed Republican nominee Donald Trump, Kirstie Alley has been outspoken in her support for him so far, and that didn't change on Election Day. Alley spent much of November 8th on her Twitter account, encouraging voters to get out there and hit the polls. Following his successful election, Alley was naturally elated, and sent him a congratulatory message on Twitter:

The Cheers star must have came under some attack from Twitter over her post, because the next day, Alley also sent a few more Tweets regarding his victory, including one to help assure her fans that she still believes in basic human rights:

Stephen Baldwin

Actor Stephen Baldwin has made no secret of his support for Donald J. Trump, even going on the record with CNN last year: "I think he's fantastic. I love him. I think he'd make a great president. He's not a politician, and he doesn't care what anybody thinks. And that's why he's surging in the polls." Since that interview, Baldwin has outspokenly continued to support Trump via his social media accounts. After Trump secured his bid for the White House last night, Baldwin was one of the first to congratulate him, sending out a Tweet at 2:00AM:

Stacey Dash

Although you may know her better from co-starring in Clueless with Alicia Silverstone, actress Stacey Dash has spent the last two years of her career as a contributor for Fox News. She supported Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and was in the GOP corner again in 2016 with her support of Donald Trump. Following Trump's victory late Tuesday night, Dash took to Twitter with her belief that America will finally be great again:

Scott Baio

Chachi loves Trumpie. At least, that's the message that Scott Baio's been sending his fans ever since Trump clinched the GOP nomination. As Baio explained early on November 9th, he's supported every Republican candidate since Reagan:

So naturally, Baio was overjoyed when Trump secured the 270 electoral votes he needed to win, and sent out a congratulatory 2AM Tweet to both Donald and Melania Trump:

Azealia Banks

Rapper and singer Azealia Banks has had a complicated on-again and off-again relationship with the Republican candidate. Banks expressed early support for Trump as an anti-establishment candidate, before she abandoned the Trump train following the revelations of his Access Hollywood tape and comments to Billy Bush. So naturally, many fans were wondering what Banks would have to say following Trump's election as President, and naturally, Banks responded with some of the most over-the-top posts of the night—even mocking fellow celebs Katy Perry and Lady Gaga—via her Instagram and Facebook accounts (she's been banned from Twitter.)