British TV Star Reveals How Trump Tried To Destroy Her Career

We all know President Donald Trump can be relentless at times, but British journalist and television presenter Selina Scott knows this all too well. For those unfamiliar with the U.K.-based author, Scott's status in her home country is similar to Savannah Guthrie's or Gayle King's in the United States. In an interview with The Guardian, Scott spoke about her career and highlighted some of her many accomplishments, including her 1995 documentary for British television channel ITV about none other than the real estate mogul. 

Although Trump was expecting to be painted in a flattering light, Scott "exposed him as a liar who owed the banks hundreds of millions of dollars," according to the outlet. In a 2016 piece for the Daily Mail, Scott claimed Trump did all he could to get the documentary he was hoping for while she shadowed him for two weeks. She recalled how he tried to seduce her on a private plane, telling her, "I like beautiful things... That's why I like you so much."

She also detailed how Trump introduced her to his staff as "our new partner in the deal." Perplexed by his world choice, Scott wrote, "'Partner in the deal'? What did this mean? Did he think he had won me over and I was somehow incorporated into his publicity department, already wrapped up in his deluded sense of his own wonderfulness?" Scott went on to tell Trump's story from her own lens but was met with years of harassment. Keep scrolling for more details.

Donald Trump had it out for Selina Scott

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump was enraged by Selina Scott's unflattering documentary and took his frustrations out on Scott and the channel. "Of course, the men at ITV were total cowards. He threatened them with legal action. It was supposed to be shown in the States, but ITV ran scared," Scott told The Guardian in 2021. She admitted she thought Trump was out for blood, adding, "He slagged me off on television." She "of course" found his remarks damaging, telling the outlet, "I thought that was absolutely disgraceful. This was a documentary. Would they have done it to someone like [British broadcaster Jeremy] Paxman?" 

Trump went on to berate Scott for years (yes, years) with insulting and "perverted" letters. "My career is great, you're a scumbag, you're a loser, you're seedy. Stuff like that," Scott said of the contents of the abusive parcels. "It was just like a stalker. He finally gave up when I said: 'Stop stalking me mentally.'"

Scott provided some more details about the letters in her Daily Mail article, revealing his envelopes often came with newspaper clippings illustrating his continued success. The letters were riddled with insults such as, "Selina you are a major loser." Another read, "Dear Selina, I hear your career is going terribly. In the meantime I have had the best year of my entire career. Fitting justice? Yours truly, Donald Trump." It sounds like Trump really does have a way with words.