The Truth About The Bachelor's Illeana Pennetto

Season 25 of The Bachelor is underway, and already we can tell this is a season fans won't want to miss!

Of course, Matt James is the latest handsome bachelor looking for love and has over 30 women competing for his heart. But if the hunk is into snacking, then contestant Illeana Pennetto just might have a chance! According to ABC, Illeana is looking to take on the health food world and has already created her own nutritional snack called "Funky Munky Energy." A perfect job for someone who says her major weakness is snacking! And like Matt, Illeana is also based in Manhattan. After ending her last four and half year relationship, her bio says that she is ready to find someone whose values are similar to hers and who would rather stay at home with her, her orange tabby cat Sir Theo, and a glass of wine than hit the town.

So is Matt the best friend that Illeana is looking for in a partner? Or, more importantly, is Illeana the one for Matt? Some reality insiders say not even close.

Does Illeana Pennetto go home early?

Spoiler alert: Blogger Reality Steve expects contestant Illeana Pennetto to be one of the girls who goes home on the Jan. 11, 2020, episode of The Bachelor. Although the Wilhemina model may have caught Bachelor Matt James's eye with her beauty, or even though they have real estate in common (her IG bio reveals that she works as a realtor at Triplemint), she is not one of the favorites expected to make it far this season. Reality Steve reported, "Next week, I'm pretty sure Illeana and Sydney are two that are eliminated if my math is correct."

Yet, Illeana may be more than capable of impressing Matt and competing in a reality show as she was once a competitive figure skater. It's not as if Illeana didn't make a memorable entrance. Entertainment Weekly reported that when meeting Matt, she asked him, "Can I put my balls in your mouth," before making him take a bite of a meatball she had in her purse. It must have been a pretty good meatball because Illeana managed to snag a rose from Matt. Illeana later posted a photo on her Instagram of the meatball moment, writing, "REALLY put myself out there."

We'll have to wait to find out whether Matt likes what he sees, or in this case, tasted.