The Real Meaning Behind My Ex's Best Friend By Machine Gun Kelly

If Machine Gun Kelly's Tickets to my Downfall album has brought back memories of your studded belts and black eyeliner, you're not alone! The rapper's fifth studio album has a rock edge we haven't seen from the star before, calling it a moment of "self-discovery" while talking to Nylon in November 2020. 

Aside from his new sound, MGK takes a different approach to love songs in his latest album than in his past music. His controversial song on his Hotel Diablo album, "Hollywood Wh**e," is a far cry from his new tunes like "Bloody Valentine" and "My Ex's Best Friend." While we now know "Bloody Valentine" was about his girlfriend Megan Fox, who had just split from her husband Brian Austin Green when they first linked up, we're left wondering the meaning of his other love song. "My Ex's Best Friend" is about finding comfort in his ex's day-one, despite splitting from the person who put them in touch. Although MGK hasn't shared many details about who he is referring to in the song, he made it clear his new album was big moment of growth for him. "I feel like this is almost like a new reveal of me. A debut," he told the outlet. Keep scrolling for more details about the meaning behind "My Ex's Best Friend."

Could MGK be talking about his exes Chantel Jeffries and Sommer Ray?

With a title like "My Ex's Best Friend," of course we sleuths have found ourselves going through Machine Gun Kelly's relationship history. (Interestingly enough, the line "'Cause my boy's new girl is your best friend / Act like you don't see me, we'll play pretend" seems to imply that his friend is dating his own ex, and that he's contemplating sleeping with not only his ex's bestie, who is his bestie's current girlfriend. Yikes.) The rapper has previously dated some very famous ladies, including Halsey and Kate Beckinsale — but some fans think he may be talking about his exes Chantel Jeffries and Sommer Ray.

"Have you noticed that MGK is probably talking about Sommer Ray in this song and how she is the best friend of Chantel Jeffries. Probably he wrote this song while he was with her," one Reddit user speculated. MGK and the DJ were linked together during the summer of 2019 but was later courting the influencer in March 2020, according to MeAww. However, he confirmed that he and Ray parted ways in April, tweeting, "She came and picked all her stuff up on my birthday. Nice." He later ate his words, adding, "I shouldn't have tweeted personal business. Especially when the person is a great human and this tweet seems one-sided."

MGK might have something to do with Chantel Jeffries and Sommer Ray's beef

Although it sounds like Machine Gun Kelly wants to keep the song's subjects under wraps, Chantel Jeffries and Sommer Ray added to the speculation when the two went at it over Twitter in October 2020. (FWIW, MGK dropped "My Ex's Best Friend" in August 2020.)

"sorry girls but liking rick and morty isn't a personality trait," Ray tweeted at the time, to which Jeffries, who previously spoke of her love for the show, replied, "Sorry girls but bashing other girls for what they like isn't a personality trait." In the comments, fans tried to get to the bottom of the ladies' beef. "WAIT I THOUGHT YALL WERE FRIENDS OR DID I MISS SOMETHING," one user wrote, while another user added, "I don't think they are bc Chantel was dating with Colson(mgk) and then like 1 or 2 months later Sommer was. And that's on girl code." Sounds like the Twitterverse may be on to something.