What Happened To Carrie From My 600-Lb. Life?

One of TLC's most popular programs is the reality show My 600-lb Life, which chronicles the struggles of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan's morbidly obese patients as he helps them regain control of their lives and form healthier habits.

Carrie Johnson, a 37-year-old Texan who lives in a trailer home, was the focal point of the episode that aired Jan. 13, 2021. She has experienced multiple traumas in her life, which began with the death of her father from "a botched weight loss surgery," per the show's synopsis. The My 600-lb Life cast member lives with her husband, Chris, and their daughter. Carrie's husband cares for her, but in the trailer for the episode, she reveals their relationship has hit a rough patch. "I am afraid that my marriage will fall apart because of my weight problem," she explains, adding, "One day he could walk out."

After a difficult start to her weight loss journey, Carrie was able to lose enough weight to get approved for gastric bypass surgery, and eventually lost nearly 200 pounds, per an episode recap on TheCinemaholic. But, after all the drama, did Carrie's marriage survive this tumultuous time?

Here's what we know about Carrie and Chris' relationship

One of the most notable lines from Carrie Johnson's episode of My 600-lb Life was when her husband appeared desperate to have his wife return to her old self. "I'd be willing to do anything to get my wife back — the way she was before," he told producers while choking back tears.

Following her appearance on the show, Carrie has been fairly quiet on social media, but things appear to be going well for both her and Chris. Her Facebook profile is littered with photos of the couple taking adorable selfies together. A photo uploaded on Jan. 12, 2021, just before the episode aired, showed Carrie posting a selfie with a face-tattoo filter. She appeared noticeably slimmer and healthier-looking than before.

Although, at the time of this post, there had been no official word on Carrie and Chris' relationship status, there was a post on his Facebook page only weeks before the episode that pointed to the couple doing well. "You don't find happiness you make it!! I love you Carrie Johnson," he wrote near the end of December 2020. We hope this sentiment flourishes for the couple throughout 2021 and beyond!