Here's How Much Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Is Really Worth

If you adored watching Karamo Brown add a bit of culture to everything he did on Queer Eye, then you're definitely not alone. When the show first hit screens in 2018, the cool-yet-refined figure shot to stardom alongside food expert Antoni Porowski, fashion pro Tan France, grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, and the man with the design touch, Bobby Berk. "The chemistry between this quintet — or the Fab Five, as they're nicknamed — is as real off-screen as it is on. And it's perhaps that exact authenticity that has kept audiences coming back for more," The Oprah Magazine noted in 2019.

The magazine also pointed out that "[w]hen Netflix premiered their reboot of the hit early 2000s makeover show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in February 2018," the cast "were TV newbies." However, "13 months and three seasons later," they could proudly boast about the fact that they had "racked up three Emmys and a combined 12 million Instagram followers — and now consider superstars like Chrissy Teigen and Justin Theroux their buddies."

If that wasn't impressive enough (which, of course, it totally is!), you might also be interested to know that they've also become millionaires. So without further ado, here is Brown's net worth.

Karamo Brown is a financially savvy millionaire

Karamo Brown may be doing pretty darn well for himself these days. However, he once found himself in a sticky spot when he was younger due to "credit card debt that made it difficult for him to repay his student loans," according to CNBC Make It. That's why he wants to pass on what he's learned when it comes to handling funds. "What I say to my sons is 'credit cards are not free money,'" he told the outlet. "Sometimes, when you're younger you think, 'Oh, this is free money for me to do what I want to do with it. I know I need to pay it back, but I have time.'"

Brown also noted, "When we encourage young people, who are 17 or 18, to take on this big responsibility of going into college, taking on debt, we should be in high school, teaching them how to have the financial competency so they can make better decisions."

That financial savviness might be why Brown's fortune now sits at $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's the same amount that his Queer Eye co-star, Antoni Porowski, has and a million less than what Jonathan Van Ness has banked. However, it turns out that Tan France and Bobby Berk are reportedly the richest of the Fab Five with $6 million each. Obviously, all of these stars know how to handle their money.