90 Day Fiance: What Mike And Aziza From Season 1 Are Doing Now

The original cast of famed franchise 90 Day Fiancé are the ultimate OGs for this fan-favorite reality TV series. 

Take Mike and Aziza Eloshway, for example. Thirty-one-year-old technical support specialist Mike was based in Cleveland, Ohio, and longing for a bride. He connected with 21-year-old student Aziza, who was based in Volgograd, Russia, per ScreenRantAziza maintained they were just friends, until her work visa was denied and the duo decided to try for a K-1 visa instead. Once in the U.S., Aziza refrained from being intimate with Mike during their wedding planning, and famously asked him not to sleep beside her. Talk about awkward! 

Regardless of their past reservations and the hiccups along the way, the couple tied the knot in October 2013. So what is this rocky pair up to now? Keep scrolling to find out where the Season 1 duo ended and how their former costars fared too! 

Mike and Aziza Eloshway are stronger than ever

Surprisingly, Mike and Aziza Eloshway are still together. In January 2019, the married couple welcomed a baby girl named Olivia Joan, per In Touch WeeklyAziza frequently shares family photos on her Instagram page. "7 years married to this guy," Aziza wrote on Oct. 5, 2020. "We were so focused about our upcoming celebratory mini RV trip this week that we forgot about the actual anniversary day! Oops. We're too deep in the marriage for this nonsense." 

What about their careers? According to Mike's LinkedIn profile, he currently works at Hitachi Healthcare Americas as a network analyst, and their family is now based in Twinsburg, Ohio. Aziza also works at an optics lab, according to ScreenRant. Now at ages 38 and 28, it seems the effects of their age difference have tamed with time. 

And even more shocking, all of their 90 Day Fiancé Season 1 costars are still together too, per Us WeeklyIt seems TLC knows how to cast for love!