The Cause Of Death For MTV Star Charlie Balducci Revealed

MTV reached a cultural pinnacle with the advent of the Jersey Shore in 2009. For those that do not remember, Jersey Shore was a reality show about a cast of Italian-Americans, or self-styled "guidos," from South Jersey, who spent a summer in a house on the shore. Jersey Shore sparked a cultural revolution. People from all over the country started saying things like "gym, tan, laundry," something the cast of Jersey Shore did every day before they went out. It even sparked world wide spinoffs like the UK's Geordie Shore, which is about dysfunctional people who say funny things in very thick accents. (If you have time to kill, we highly recommend you check it out.)

Before Jersey Shore, though, there was Charlie Balducci, an early star of MTV's True Life. Balducci introduced the world to the guido lifestyle — he was from Staten Island, not Jersey — and thus earned his place in MTV/reality TV history. After becoming the breakout star of True Life, he went on to have his own show, True Life: I'm Getting Married, where cameras followed along as he tried to plan his wedding to fiance, Sabrina. 

Sadly, Balducci's body was discovered in his Staten Island home in July 2020, per The New York Post. Now, months later, we are finally learning the details about his tragic death and his final hours.

Charlie Balducci's death came as a shock to his loved ones

Page Six reported that Charlie Balducci's family confirmed his death on July 27, 2020. Balducci was found unresponsive in his bed around 9 p.m. and was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene, per TMZ. At the time, Balducci's mother told the outlet that his death came as a shock, as he had no physical symptoms that might indicate he was ill.

Months later, his official cause of death has finally been revealed. According to medical reports, Balducci overdosed on a mixture of prescription drugs, including Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Xanax, per The New York Post

Balducci might be best remembered for his infamous rant on True Life: I'm Getting Married, in which he told his a limo driver he would "gut you like the f**kin' piece of s**t you are" if the driver did not get him to his wedding on time. (He was two hours late.) While fans might remember that monologue best, Balducci's mother prefers to remember the last thing they talked about: how grateful he was for his sons, per TMZ.