What Jason Alexander Has Been Doing Since Seinfeld Ended

George Constanza is making a hilarious return to primetime... in a Tide TV commercial to air during Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7, 2021. Actor Jason Alexander, who made his Seinfeld character a comedic icon, appears in the Super Bowl commercial to help promote the launch of Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10x detergent, People reported. "Hey, you have to wash Jason Alexander hoodie," the "mom" in the TV spot says to her teenage son whose dirty sweatshirt features Alexander's animated visage. Toward the end, Alexander appears as himself, yelling at the youth from a car, "Hey! You can't just wear my face!"

"I think I've used every facial muscle I have to create those expressions," Alexander told People of the commercial filming process, also revealing that the ad was shot from a soundstage with a limited crew and the director giving guidance over Zoom, presumably to abide by COVID-19 safety rules. Alexander couldn't have been more excited about the opportunity, calling it "a very, very nice pat on the back," adding, "It's kind of like when you're doing a TV show and they give you the best slot in television."

On that last topic, since Seinfeld aired its last episode in May 1998, what has the funnyman been up to? Let's find out together — keep reading!

Jason Alexander does a lot of cameo work in comedies

Jason Alexander was no stranger to stepping from the small screen onto the silver one during his nine-year run on Seinfeld. After all, he made a phenomenal slimeball in 1990's Richard Gere-Julia Roberts romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Following his departure from Seinfeld, Alexander stole the show for many in 2001's Jack Black rom-com Shallow Hal, in which he portrayed a George Constanza-like best friend to Black's lead. From there, he continued a steady stream of largely comedic work, including 2000's star-studded The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, in which thespian legend Robert DeNiro appeared alongside animated versions of the titular squirrel and moose characters. 

Alexander also appeared in the award-winning Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a two-episode arc in 2019. Playing a Broadway playwright who is a friend of the titular heroine's father, Alexander's cameo role may have been small, but per Bustle, it played a "nonetheless integral" role in setting up the main characters' future storylines. As Bustle pointed out, his character Asher Friedman makes the observation that "all young people are just a bunch of idiots," which may as well have come straight from the famously cynical George Constanza's mouth.

While it appears Alexander never strays too far from variations of his Seinfeld character, we are not complaining. You can never have too much of a good thing, right?