Cindy Crawford's Daughter Is Basically Her Twin

Take one look at Vogue Paris's April 2016 cover and you're likely to wonder how you never knew about legendary model Cindy Crawford's twin sister. Take one more look and you'll realize she doesn't have a twin at all — just a ridiculously identical daughter! Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber, share more than just extraordinary genetics. Read on to find out just how alike this mother-daughter duo actually is.

They're basically clones of each other

Even those with little-to-no knowledge of the modeling world would be able to tell you Crawford and Gerber are related. In the April 2016 edition of Vogue Paris, editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt wrote, "The family resemblance is striking. There's the same brown eyes that gaze out from underneath the same full brows, the smile that could charm the stars out of the sky, the cascade of hair that would have Barbie green with envy and the same enviable figure from the same genetic miracle." Even young Gerber notices the similarities between her and Crawford, telling Teen Vogue, "when I look at my mom, aside from physical features (of course), we share many of the same mannerisms." Meanwhile, we're still over here trying to tell the two apart.

They both started modeling at young ages

While Crawford's accomplishments are nothing short of phenomenal, Gerber actually has quite a head start on her mom. While Crawford didn't start modeling until she was almost 17, Gerber's "first real modeling job was for Versace when she was 10 years old," Crawford told Teen Vogue. In 2015, Gerber signed with IMG Models, and has since appeared in campaigns for huge designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Miu Miu.

"You're so much more confident than I was! I didn't start modeling until I was nearly 17," Crawford told her daughter in Teen Vogue. "You have a sense of what feels right for you. I don't worry about you staying true to yourself."

They're both pioneers in modeling

Just as Crawford undoubtedly helped launched the era of the "supermodel," (along with some women you might've heard of, like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell), Gerber is a pioneer of a new type of model—those fueled by social media. While this new generation of models has some haters that dismiss them as not being "true" models (we're looking at you, Rebecca Romijn), Crawford is supportive. She told People Style, "To me, when your name breaks out of just the fashion world and other people are aware of you, that is what 'supermodel' has come to mean. I don't differentiate between supermodel now and supermodel then. Modeling is modeling."

Their sense of style is identical (literally)

When you grow up in a family of models, it's only natural to fall in love with fashion. But Crawford and Gerber take it to the next level, and are already sharing clothing — designer clothing, nonetheless. Gerber told Teen Vogue, "I'll ask to borrow things, and they'll wind up in my own wardrobe permanently. My mother constantly wonders why stuff disappears." Crawford's even planned ahead for Gerber's inevitable takeover of the fashion industry, revealing to People Style that she's saved pieces from her career that Gerber can wear in the future. Yeah... we're jealous.

They mimic each other

In addition to looking and dressing like each other, Gerber admitted to Teen Vogue that she even mimics some of her mom's mannerisms while modeling. "When I look at my mom, aside from physical features (of course), we share many of the same mannerisms," she said. "I notice it when looking back on past videos of her. I don't know if it's genetic, or something I've just caught onto, but our actions mimic one another."