90 Day Fiance: What Kyle And Noon's Relationship Is Like Today

Across eight seasons of 90 Day Fiancé and countless TLC spinoffs, reality TV fans everywhere have their favorite couples from the hit franchise. Some pairings even defy the odds and find their happily ever afters. One of the most beloved couples? Season 3 duo Kyle and Noon Huckabee. 

New Orleans-based bartender Kyle connected with Thai love Noon online in 2015. Kyle was eager for Noon to arrive stateside, yet upon moving in together, Noon became jealous of Kyle's flirtatious way with bargoers at his job. Noon also learned of Kyle's heartbreaking relationship with his mother. Despite their relationship issues, Kyle and Noon tied the knot and even appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. So what is the Huckabee couple up to in 2021? Keep scrolling to find out where they live now, what's happened over the past year, and how they plan on expanding their family.

Kyle and Noon Huckabee have found happiness in Oregon

90 Day Fiancé alumni Noon and Kyle Huckabee are still going strong in 2021. Since the reality show, the couple have moved to Portland, Ore., and have two cats named Kevin and Kobe, per ScreenRantNoon is so crazy for cats that she in fact works at a cat hotel! 

According to Cinemaholic, the couple don't only want cats in their future, though. Kyle is looking to buy a house in the suburbs of Portland to hopefully raise a family, and Noon plans on getting pregnant sometime during 2021. However, the couple have suffered a loss together: Kyle's mother passed away in October 2020 of throat cancer. Per Soap DirtKyle preferred to stay private about her passing but did post on his private social media that he felt "so hurt" and sent out an "F 2020" following her death. 

Noon opted instead to positively look ahead to what 2021 can bring both her and Kyle. "I hope this year will not ruin our plans like last year again. I [didn't] like 2020," Noon captioned on Instagram on Jan. 1. "I hope this year will bring joy and love to everybody." Cheers to that!