Regina George's Little Sister In Mean Girls Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Ever wonder what happened to the little girl who played Regina George's sister in Mean Girls? Did little Kylie George grow up to be like her mom or did she rebel and go to a liberal arts college and start writing feminist poetry or something? Luckily for everyone, it turns out it's more like the latter.

Kylie only shows up for a brief moment in the 2004 teen classic, when Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) first visits Regina's (Rachel McAdams) house. The little girl is dancing in front of Kelis' "Milkshake" music video, and improvises by flashing the TV at the end.

You probably wouldn't recognize Nicole Crimi, who plays the character, on the street at the time the movie premiered, and it would be almost impossible now, as the former child actor is all grown up and seems to have left the acting world behind.

Keep scrolling to see what Crimi is up to these days.

Regina George's little sister is all grown up

You've probably never heard of Nicole Crimi, who plays Regina George's sister, Kylie, in Mean Girls, but you might be surprised to learn what she's up to now. It doesn't look like she's still in the acting biz, but she is definitely still creative professionally.

Crimi's Instagram shows that the beautiful 24-year-old is now an "artist, teacher, medical student" and that she's even written and illustrated a children's book called Patty and the Pandemic, an educational guide for parents and kids all about the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of Crimi's Instagram shows her seriously impressive artwork, including a colored pencil recreation of a Mean Girls family portrait done for the movie in honor of National Mean Girls Day, which is Oct 3rd, of course.

According to her author's bio, Crimi is "constantly seeking out ways to combine her passions for health and art together." As a medical student at McMaster's University in Canada and as the author of Patty and the Pandemic, she is clearly doing just that.