Temptation Island: The Truth About Chelsea And Thomas' Relationship

Reality TV couple Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson made the bold decision to display their budding romance on Season 3 of Temptation Island, which premieres Feb. 16, 2021. According to their USA Network bio, the couple had been dating for a year when they were cast on the reality show aimed at putting romance to the test. Together, Chelsea and Thomas agreed to live among a group of other dating couples and steamy singles who will challenge how strong their love is for each other. 

Their courtship began after they met through a mutual friend and Thomas sent Chelsea a flirty message on social media. While still in the relatively early stages of figuring out their dynamic as a couple, things are peaceful between them when they're alone and not out in social settings — but Chelsea's jealousy shines through whenever Thomas' flirty behavior starts to rear its head. To make matters worse, Thomas has been honest about his issues with settling down into committed relationships, which has only further fueled Chelsea's insecurity about their relationship. Their appearance on Temptation Island sounds like a recipe for disaster. But Thomas is hopeful that he can ease Chelsea's worries while getting her to accept him for being naturally extroverted. Let's read on.

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson's social media love

After news of Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson's addition to Temptation Island Season 3 was made public, fans began to wonder if they lasted after filming wrapped. In January 2021, Thomas took to Instagram to announce his casting on the show. "Staaaahhhhpppppp hahah yesssssss," said one of his followers, to which the LA-based actor responded with a pair of silly face emojis. "2 little mice...yet soooo many problems," he replied to another follower who shared a joke about his reality TV casting. His responses didn't confirm or deny if he and Chelsea were still together, but at least hinted at his excitement to be on the show.

For Chelsea's part, she received similar praise from her followers who expressed excitement with her being cast on their "fav show," as one friend put it. "Kristina just texted me and said you liked the show," Chelsea replied to a friend after making her reality TV announcement. However, there was one comment that seemingly suggested the two might still be together. "Get married, love one another, have children, love them, turn your back on all the social media BS," one person advised, to which the actress responded with, "I love this." Her reply seemed to hint that she and Thomas are still an item.  It's possible that the pair can join the small rank of couples who have stayed together after appearing on the show. We'll just have to watch to find out.