Jimmy Fallon Posts Eyebrow-Raising Pic Of Himself Vs The Rock At Age 15

We love a celebrity throwback, especially from their days before stardom. They help remind us that our favorite stars where once just as awkward as the average teen or reinforce that they were bound for the spotlight. For Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, it's definitely the later, according to a photo shared by none other than Jimmy Fallon, who, as he proved, was just as awkward as us in his youth.

Previously, Fallon opened up about his humble beginnings and how his quirky ways helped lead him to where he is today. "My first big break for me was that my mom had heard about an impression contest on the radio, and they were looking for the funniest person in the Hudson Valley," Fallon told USA Today in 2018. "I was in upstate New York — in Saugerties. It was at Bananas Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and it was two or three minutes of an impression. My mom said, 'Jimmy, you should do this, because you do all of these voices in your bedroom, and I can hear you!' And I'm like ... 'What else can you hear? Because this is creepy.'" Talk about awkward! Keep scrolling to see how vastly different Fallon and The Rock looked at 15.

Jimmy Fallon and The Rock have both come a long way since age 15

Being the jokester that Jimmy Fallon is, the talk show host posted a photo to Instagram of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at age 15 compared to a photo of himself as a teen for some laughs on Feb. 11, 2021. In the photos, the former professional wrestler looks pretty buff as he flexed his muscles, even more so alongside Fallon's scrawny frame. "@TheRock at 15 [vs.] Me at 15. Think it's safe to say we had a lot in common #TBT" the late-night host joked in his caption.

Fallon's post came one day after he sat down with The Rock himself and showed him the comparison firsthand. Of course, fans appreciated the still images posted to Fallon's grid and took to the comments to laugh with the two. "The resemblance is uncanny!" one user joked, while another added, "Lol ... Yes, I can see the similarities!" It looks like (some) celebrities are just like us!