90 Day Fiance Star Jesse Meester's Music Video Has People Talking

Fans first got to know Jesse Meester on TLC's Before the 90 Days as the love interest of the franchise's veteran, Darcey Silva. Jesse, who hails from Amsterdam, was such a perfect hunk in the photos Darcey was gushing over that fans worried she was on the road to getting catfished. Thankfully, that did not happen to the mother-of-two and Darcey and Jesse embarked upon a relationship.

Yet, while there was no catfishing involved, there was a lot of fighting between Darcey and Jesse, so it was not a major shock to fans when they split. Darcey then got friendly with her ex, Tom Brooks, according to Newsweek, thus adding Darcey and Jesse to the long list of 90 Day Fiance couples who did not make it down the aisle.

While Jesse did not find love with Darcey, he did get some major exposure thanks to the TLC gigs and is becoming an increasingly common name. In fact, that exposure has done nothing but grow because Jesse was the featured face in a music video that rocked our worlds. Here's the scoop.

Jesse Meester tackles loneliness in the new music video for Electral Presidents

Jesse Meester is lending his good looks and artistic sensibilities as the featured leading man in a new music video for the song "Home" by Dutch alternative dance band Electral Presidents. The song and the music video were released on Feb. 15, 2021 and features Jesse looking forlorn as he day-drinks on a moody, overcast beach.

There's a specific reason for Jesse's apparent sadness in the video. According to an official press release, "Home" and its accompanying video are meant to capture "the emotions that many have gone through during the various lockdowns: loneliness, hope and an urge to connect with others." Yup. The artistic vision honestly sounds a lot like Jesse's journey on 90 Day Fiance, as the press release stated: "The video shows the story of a man in regret of his mistake and reminiscing on what life could have been." Hmm... Even more fittingly, "the music video is about a broken relationship." However, Jesse states that the acting in the video does not draw on his "own tumultuous love life," but instead, from his education, namely his psychology degree.

There's no denying that Jesse's got the entrepreneurial spirit. He gives motivational speeches, wrote a book on intermittent fasting, and is, of course, an influencer on social media, according to CheatSheet. Now he can add the music video to his growing résumé.