The Sister You Didn't Know Lindsay Lohan Had

Although she rose to fame thanks to starring roles in movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan has lately become known for her seemingly never-ending list of scandals. But despite Lohan's many arrests, on-again, off-again engagements and bizarre accents, it appears that one particular scandal–that of her long-lost half-sister–has flown mostly under Hollywood's radar. Just who is Ashley Horn? And how did her wild saga begin? Here are the juicy details.

Michael allegedly had a love child

The word first heard about Horn in 2010 after Life & Style (via Pink Is the New Blog) exclusively obtained a copy of her birth certificate, which purportedly listed Lohan's father Michael Lohan's name as Horn's dad. According to the report, Horn's mother, Kristi–who allegedly had an affair with Michael in the '90s–was able to add Michael's name to Horn's birth certificate after Michael failed to show up to a 2008 court hearing to take a paternity test.

Further, the report alleged that Michael owed Kristi $300,000 in back child support. "I do not trust him, and I don't want to be around him or part of his life," Ashley told the magazine. "I could never call Michael Lohan 'Dad.' A dad is a person who is there for you and takes care of you."

According to TMZ, Michael denied the claims–and actually reached out to producers of Maury to take a paternity test live on the air and prove he is not Horn's father. That backfired, because...

Yep, he's the father

Michael did wind up taking a paternity test on air, only he did it on a 2012 episode of the now-defunct Trisha Goddard Show, not Maury. Whatever the case, the paternity test proved once and for all that Michael is, in fact, Horn's father. What resulted was what can only be described as an awkward and tense moment, during which Michael attempted to hug Horn, despite her protestations. "This is the first time I've met you!" a visibly upset Horn, 17, said in a clip obtained by TMZ while Kristi cried in the background.

"While I'm sorry it took so long, we finally got the answer, and I'm 100 percent happy with it," Michael Lohan later told the New York Daily News. "We're all okay with it and will deal with it in the best way we can."

Ashley allegedly went under the knife to look like Lindsay

About a year after Michael's paternity test, Horn sat down with InTouch Weekly (via the New York Daily News) to reveal she spent $25,000 on as many as five plastic surgery procedures, all in an attempt to look like her famous half-sister. "I've gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin and some fat injected into my upper cheeks," the 18-year-old said.

Horn, who claimed she wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood, added her goal with getting the surgeries was "to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old." She even claimed she was "hotter than Lindsay!" "I have no problem saying that," she said.

Despite going to great lengths to look like Lohan, Horn assured Life & Style (via the New York Daily News) that her real-life persona was the exact opposite of her half-sister's tabloid-making scandals. "I'm not Lindsay," she said. "I wasn't raised in that family." "I don't drink, do drugs or party," she added. "I like being a responsible person."

For what it's worth: the plastic surgeries didn't exactly sit well with her father. "I think it's one thing to get surgery to look better," Michael told In Touch. "But to get surgery to look like Lindsay is pathetic." Ouch.

But then denied it

In a truly bizarre twist, Horn returned to the Trisha Goddard Show a few months after the In Touch interview was published to express regret over claims she made to the magazine. Specifically, she denied getting the plastic surgeries solely to look like Lohan, and went through with a lie detector to prove her point. The whole thing, she said, was taken out of context.

"Whether she saw it or not, whether she sees this or not, I want to say that I am so sorry for letting the media use me to drag you into this," a tearful Horn said, according to Radar Online. "It was not my intention. I never thought that it was going to end up this way and I am so sorry." Great!

Lindsay found about about her on live television

Talk about awkward: according to Us Weekly, Lohan didn't even know any of this saga was going on until Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach brought it up while Lohan was promoting the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. "You allegedly have a new half-sister," Robach said during the November 2012 interview. To which Lohan replied, "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news." "I don't pay attention to any of it," she added. "I don't really want to get into that. I want to stay on the positive side of things." Something tells us she texted her family as soon as the interview was over.

Lindsay wants nothing to do with her

Lindsay made it clear on an episode of her docu-series, Lindsay, that she wants nothing to do with her father's other children, including Horn. The revelation came during the series' second episode, during which Michael told her he couldn't afford to split the cost of a car for her brother Cody, because of the high costs of his child support payments. "I do not want to talk about your other random f**king kids," Lohan said, according to In Touch.

"They're not my family and they never will be," she also said on the show, according to the report.

Incidentally, according to Celebuzz, Lindsay did meet her half-brother Landon a few weeks after that episode aired in 2014. However, given her family's endless amount of drama, we won't be holding our breath for a Lohan-Horn meetup anytime soon.